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Matthew 24:6-13, Mark 13:7-8, Luke 21: 9-10, Revelation 6:3-4, Revelation 6:7-8.

A time of war and death is here!

My eyes roam to and fro upon the earth seeking those who will serve me with all their heart. They are few in number and far between but they are priceless to me. My bride is the delight of my heart and right now my heart is heavy as I get ready to wage war upon the corrupt systems of man and the one to whom they cleave whether knowingly or unknowingly, the enemy of their soul, Satan himself. My heart is heavy for many will die, many will die in their sin and they will never rise again to live upon this earth. Eternal death is appointed to them once they breath their last breathe here on earth. My soul is delighted in my bride and I have prepared a table for her in my Father’s house, she will dine with me, she will rejoice with me and when I am with her my heart is no longer heavy for her love lifts the burdens of my shoulders. Children, this world as you know it is about to end. A time is coming when the earth will no longer yield her strength to you. She will close up her bountiful bowels in rebellion because of the much innocent blood that has and will continue to be spilled upon her. The heavens will cease to produce rain and the air will be filled with the thick stench of death. My elements respond only to me and they will rebel against the world in disgust and none shall be able to tame them except me. My creation knows me; all of it honors me except man. In fury they will retaliate against you, in rage they will overtake you who are not surrendered to me for indeed they will recognize my beloved and seek to protect her as I will. War has been released upon the earth he will go forth and devour much flesh and spill much blood, behind him is death and indeed there will be much death upon the earth. Both the good and the wicked will die for I will call some of my children home to me during this time of chaos. They will die violently but they will find peace in me. As hard as it is to hear some of my beloved have been slotted for death through persecution. Do not be afraid if I have called you to be a martyr for I am faithful to give you the strength to go through it and I will never put more on you than you can bear. In my hand I hold a martyr’s crown the same kind that I gave to the prophets of old who were killed for their testimony of me. I have said this before, what is death to my beloved but a release from life to eternal life. Remember, if I have called you to be a martyr then I have already equipped you to go through this valley of death, for indeed death, eternal death cannot touch you for you are mine, you bear my image, my eternal life is already in you and no one can take that away from you. Only you can give it away. Not all are called to be martyrs; some will survive to see me return in the clouds of glory to conquer my enemies. These will include the new converts and my strengtheners. Each of my very own has been assigned a place in me. Do not be afraid, walk the perfect path that I have chosen for you. I am walking beside you, before you and I am your rear guard. Peace my beloved, peace always.

Jesus, Amen.