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Ezekiel 18:23, Ezekiel 33:11, Matthew 7:13-14, John 8:31-32, John 14:27, 2 Peter 3:3-9.

Believe my word and live

Sing and rejoice children for I have not forgotten you. Even in the middle of trials and tribulations my peace is always with you. You are already victors, walk the path of righteousness no matter the cost, for your day of eternal rest draws nigh with each and every passing day. Darkness only lasts but for a night, in the morning the sun will pierce the darkness and it will be no more. This is the season of hard trials, truly you have not experienced hardships yet but the time of great suffering is at hand for my Spirit will not strive with man for too much longer for you have vexed Him much. The rest of creation can also no longer tarry in darkness. Children, I am not just coming back to rescue man I am coming back to put all creation in order so that once again there may be harmony among all the created elements. When man fell his sin affected all creation for every living thing whether plants or animals was sentenced to death and decay but there is coming a world where there is no death, no decay, no sorrow, no corruption, no sin. All will be restored as it was meant to be at the very beginning. Cling to me children, cling to the hope of a new life, a full life, an everlasting life, for what I have promised you in my word is true and real, to many it may sound fantastic but this is the reality for my children, a future with limitless possibilities all anchored in goodness, righteousness and holiness. The world laughs at you; they think you are delusional to believe in a place like heaven, even worse they think you are crazy to believe in me. The world is the world, they will believe what they want to believe and if they choose to live without hope for a better future that is their prerogative, your place is to trust in my word however fantastic it may sound. It is such a shame that the world thinks that at death they simply dematerialize, it is actually a form of rationalization, an easier idea to live with rather than the fact that at death if they do not repent they will have to answer for their sins. It is much simpler therefore for them to believe in a world without God for such a world is one in which one does not have to be accountable for sin and if they are not accountable for sin then they believe that they are not subject to judgment. Children, let the world believe what it wants to believe, you hold on to the truth for it is my truth that will set you free, free from the encumbrances of sin for you will know what to do to avoid the final judgment. My soul is vexed when I see the way the world lives on in total ignorance and full of pride and arrogance. It gives me no pleasure to see a sinner die in his sin for their end is horrifying. To be encompassed by darkness for eternity is truly a nightmare. Think about it child how do you think your psyche will be affected if you dwelled in darkness continuously here on earth, a never ending night, knowing the sun will never rise again to dispel the darkness? This is the nightmarish existence for all who are confined in hell. What a tragedy. Go forth my children spread my gospel for darkness seeks to swallow the inhabitants of the earth.

Jesus, Amen.