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Genesis 9:6, Exodus 1:22, Psalm 137:9, Matthew 2:16-18, 1 Peter 5:4, 1 Corinthians 9: 24-25, Revelation 14:9-11.

Bloodshed of the innocents

The life is in the blood yet man spills blood indiscriminately upon the earth. Life is no longer held sacred; those considered weak and inferior are eliminated without much thought, as easily as swatting a fly. Their memory is non existent to those who murder them and indeed it is murder to rid oneself of someone you consider a nuisance, unnecessary to society. No man has the right to take the life of another unless it is done in self defense because murder draws my wrath and judgment. Many even in my own house do not believe my word. I have said in my word that he who spills man’s blood without a just cause by man shall his blood be spilled. My judgment is not slack and I see the wicked ones spilling blood without provocation. They are cold and cruel; they do not have mercy even on the pregnant women and children. These atrocities are not new to this world for wicked men of old did the very same things, taking nursing babies from their mothers and dashing them upon rocks and ripping open the wombs of pregnant women. Slaughter and bloodshed is not new to this world and once again much bloodshed is upon the earth. This is just the beginning for bloodshed will increase upon the earth to unheard of proportions. Soon murder itself will be legalized in the western countries. It is already legal to kill a man or a woman who departs from the religion of Islam in fact it is considered honorable to kill such a one and confiscate their property and spouses and children. The same mentality will be made acceptable in the so called western civilized world for is it not already legal to kill the weak and defenseless ones; unborn babies, the elderly ill, the mentally sick and populations considered undesirables? It is next, it will be legal to kill anyone who is considered an enemy of the government, of the anti christ and at the top of the list will be my children, those called by my name physically and spiritually, present day descendants of Israel and Christians. Do not be shocked at this disclosure for this is nothing new to this world. The Nazi’s tried and failed to annihilate the children of Israel, many communist and Muslim nations have put thousands upon thousands of Christians to death without provocation. This mentality is here and is spreading among the nations for my people are now labeled degenerates, undesirables, useless to society, dangerous, cultists and usurpers of government. This is how it starts, with labels and soon it will become lawful to eliminate my children for they will be considered hindrances to the New World Order, enemies of humanity, a tarnishment of the new global citizenry. Children, these times are here, the gates of freedom are closing rapidly, soon my children will not have any rights for all those who refuse to take the mark of the beast will be considered outcasts and will be hunted like game and put to death at the pleasure and hands of the new degenerate beast government. These things are in the works. Pay attention to the news media. What do they consider Christians to be like? They are considered enemies of the New World Order. It is now only in speech but soon action will be taken against you. Remember my children this world is not your home, the things you have acquired in this life do not compare to those which have been stored for you in heaven. However painful it is be prepared to lay it all down for me, all of it including what is most precious to you, your very life. Stand firm; do not take the mark of the beast even at the threat of death for death has no power over my redeemed ones. I am with you always; get ready to lay it all down for the crown of victory and glory that awaits you in my Father’s house. I am with you always. I love you.

Jesus, Amen.