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Genesis 6:3, Matthew 24:21-22, 2 Timothy 2:20, Hebrews 4:16, Revelation 20:4, Revelation 21:1.

Days of hardship, days of victory

My children are under attack, an assault that has been ongoing for a while. It has caused many to grow weary, very weary; some are on the verge of giving up the fight. Children, you cannot give up, this fight must be fought to the very end, giving up is not an option, for your soul is worth so much and is worth dying for. Do not let yourself be overtaken by fatigue, when you feel run down to the last vestiges of strength that you can muster call out to me for strength. Come before me, confess your sins and plead your case before my throne. Am I not a great King, the Judge of all the earth? Come plead your case before my throne of grace and you will receive grace and help in your time of need. I will extend my help to you, I may not necessarily remove the obstacle from before you, I may not calm the storm but I will see you through it, I may or may not remove your enemy from before you. Remember, whatever I decide to do will be what is best for you. Some of you need to be built up in strength and perseverance, some need to show mercy and forgive those who are harassing or persecuting them, others need to walk away from a particular situation and let me handle it from here on. Your needs are different, you are each at a different point of growth but you are all being refined and made into worthy vessels that can hold my anointing. Do not give up I am still here, nothing has slipped by my gaze, I am still in charge. Yes, the seasons are changing, the time of the rule of the antichrist is at hand and he will have his time in the limelight but only for a short season. I am returning for my bride and then I will return to rule for 1000 years that the world may experience the rule of righteousness and peace and when all is said and done this world as you know it will be done away with and there will be a new heaven and a new earth, a place of everlasting peace and life, a place without sorrow, sin or death. Do not be discouraged children I knew these days would be hard for you and it is for this reason that I reduced the number of your years here on earth. Can you imagine living in this rapidly darkening world for hundreds of years, my bride would not have fared well for she is ready for me to return for her now, a time when her life span barely touches 100 years of age. She would have given in to despair if she had to live on the earth for hundreds of years. For your sake my beloved the years of your life were reduced and for the sake of the elect the years of the Great Tribulation will be severely shortened otherwise no flesh would be saved. All has been thought out my children your being alive on earth during this period is not a mistake; you are well able to bear the coming hardships for I am with you always. Look to me for your salvation for none other will rescue you but me. I love you now and always.

Jesus, Amen.