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Psalm 127:3, Psalm 133:1, Proverbs 6:16-19, Matthew 3:24-26, Matthew 10:34-36, Luke 11:17, Romans 16:17-18, 1 Corinthians 1:10-13, 1 John 2:9, Titus 3:9-11.

Division in the land

Trouble is being stirred up in this nation and among the nations of the world. The troubler of men is stirring up the pot of trouble and the nations are so blind that they are walking right into his trap. For example, look at the United States of America there is division everywhere you look especially among the races, a reopening of wounds that had healed. There is wickedness behind this to bring about a great division among the people of this nation, a division that will tear this nation apart. Do not be so easily deceived children, the division is happening right in front of your eyes, pay attention. Have you noticed the movies that Hollywood is producing right now and the TV dramas? They are riddled with division and the inattentive are falling right into their trap. It is so bad that parents are even teaching their own children the language of division and no race can point their finger at the other, both races re guilty of further dividing this country along social, political and economic lines. No one has the right to play victim when you are the one instigating and propagating division and worst of all is that this division is even creeping into my house. Do you expect me to be silent about this? I will not be, for my house is not called the house of division no, it is a house of unity, unity under one faith, one blood, one Lord and Savior. I will not accept division in my house and I will put out the ones who seek to trouble my house. Children, you are not only being divided but you are being distracted for the elite who are the instigators and propagators of division are themselves united in their cause to bring about the total enslavement of mankind to their god, Satan. They are united in wickedness and they are the ones troubling the peoples and the nations. This is their time to prosper for they and their master have been given a small window of time to rule with complete authority upon the earth. They will prosper in their wicked ways, they will enslave billions, they will kill billions. By the time they are done with their agenda the world will not be the same. Truthfully even they do not understand how much the world will change for they themselves have been deceived. Yes, they will rule the world. Even as we speak they have already divided the world into principalities of rulership and appointed themselves as kings and queens. They are drunk with greed for supreme authority a greed that will never be realized because although I will allow them to exercise complete power upon the earth they will never acquire supremacy of power for this is only reserved for me. Their power and time of rulership is limited by the parameters I set in place before the foundation of the earth. Even Satan himself cannot cross the boundaries I have set for him. They will have their pound of flesh but when it is all said and done I will have the last word and Satan and all his agents, humans, semi-humans, and otherwise will be confined in the place of eternal torment called hell, a place from which there is no escape. Children do not be afraid for I have provided for you ahead of time. Though the whole world be blown to bits you will rest in the palm of my hand for I am your great protector.

Jesus, Amen.