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Psalm 119:18, Psalm 119:105, Matthew 24:24, 2 Corinthians 10:4-6, Ephesians 6:14-17.

God of mercy and judgment

My bride is growing weary of this world. She realizes that this is not her home. This realization is getting stronger with each passing day. Her soul yearns for me in fact the longing has become so strong in some that they are willing to lay down and give up the ghost at this very minute even as I did on Calvary. It is I who is preventing them from doing this for I still need my bride upon the earth to bring in the final harvest before my return for her. My Father hears your cries and He longs to bring you home but He also hears the silent cries of the lost souls who are perishing daily. Children, remember that as important as the rapture is the salvation of the lost takes precedence to everything else for I do not wish to lose any who desire to find the truth. I am merciful, Father is merciful but our mercy should not be taken for granted. Time marks the beginning and the end of an era and this era as you now know it is quickly coming to an end. Children, you do not have much time left, many of you are still living in the state of unbelief, you think you have more time than you really do. In fact it is very hard for some to grasp the fact that my judgments are here. You have known my mercy for so long that you think I will overlook your sins in my great mercy. I will not for your sins do not draw mercy from me instead as they increase they draw my judgment upon your heads. Judgment is here, I will protect my own but those who remain unrepentant will know my wrath. Gain wisdom now and repent, prepare for my return. Those who repent I will be merciful to and I will rescue them from the eternal death. Those who remain obstinate in their sins will suffer the consequences of rebellion. My children, I am with you, follow me do not carve out a different path than the one I have already chosen for you. Stay close to my heels for great deception has gone abroad, so great a deception that if it were possible even the very elect could be deceived. For your sake I have removed the scales from your eyes through revelation after revelation. I have placed salve upon your eyes and healed your blindness, I have cleaned out your ears that you may hear and straighten the crooked paths, that you may not depart from the path of righteousness. With my word I have lit the way to my throne that you may be saved from all the unrighteous works of darkness. Your enemy I have laid bare before you, I have not sheltered him from you for I have no communion with him. I have fully unclothed him before you that you may know all his secrets that he has tried to hide from you. I have equipped you with every weapon that you need to defeat him, use them, do not show him or his agents any mercy for evil must be vanquished from among my own. You shall not dwell in darkness, you shall not be comfortable in unrighteousness, you shall not seek refuge in the tent of the whoremonger neither shall you be found in the company of the abominable ones. You are mine you are to be holy even as I am holy. Walk before me righteously and see my glory. I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.