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Romans 6, 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Grace is not an excuse to live in sin!

My Father’s heart aches for you my children. His tears for you are like the rumblings on a stormy day. He has withheld His wrath from you for a long time in hopes that you will repent, that He may not release judgment upon you. My children are however hard hearted and rebellious, in my house are those who only follow the dictates of their hearts and the lust of their flesh. They come to my house yes but their hearts are far from me. I have called out to you over and over and still you turn your back to me, your heart is so enthralled by the world that I am not even a memory after you leave my house on Sunday. Oh my children do you not realize that I am your great High Priest and Judge of the world? As such I must put my house in order first and foremost before I can proceed in judgment against the world. Justice demands that judgment begin in my house and indeed it will begin in my house and will not stop until my whole house is purged of sin. Whatever it takes I will cleanse my house for I will not be shamed when I raise up my hand to judge the rest of the world. You have taken my grace for granted and used it as an excuse to do whatever your heart desires even if it is sin. My grace is not to be used as an excuse to live in sin, it is available to you in your moments of weakness, to strengthen you so that you can walk away from your place of weakness but it is not meant to be a cover during the times when you willfully sin, by this I mean when you sin knowingly, when this happens you must first and foremost repent sincerely of your sin and then my grace will cover you and my blood will cleanse you. Children, many of you think this faith walk is a game, you pick and choose when it is convenient for you to follow the path of righteousness instead of remaining steadfast upon it, you have left the path several times and come back when it is convenient for you. You are playing a dangerous game, one day you will walk away from me and when you decide to come back it will be too late for you for I will have come unexpectedly for my bride and will have left with them before your return, then what will you do then? Will you abandon the faith for the comfort you think you will receive after taking the mark of the beast? Will you stand in that day or will you fall never to be able to come back into my presence? Children it is time to mature in the faith. It is time to choose one path and one path only for the days of weaving in and out of the path of righteousness is coming to an end. Any day now the door to the banquet hall will be shut and no one will be allowed in. The banquet that I have prepared is only for my bride, it is not for the lukewarm, it is not for the rebellious, it is not for the cubs. Once I return for my bride I will not make another journey back to earth to pick up anyone else. The rapture is a once in a lifetime event, actually more precisely it is a once in history event. There is only one rapture of the bride, it will only happen once never to be repeated again and that day will mark a shift in the times even as my birth, death and resurrection marked a shift in time and space. I will not call out to you forever, I will not shed tears for you forever, my Father will not restrain His hand of judgment forever. The time has arrived for another major shift in time and space. Are you ready for it or are you still playing games?