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Psalm 23, Psalm 34:18, John 15:18-19, John 17:14-16, Romans 8:28,

Heaven or hell? Choose!

My bride, I see the strain that you are under, I know you seek relief for your souls. The sins of the world have become abhorrent to you and you seek to escape the earth. You are willing to forsake it all to come to your true home, heaven. This has always been my intention that you may grow so tired of this world, that your hearts may no longer be attached to worldly things, that you may desire to be with me and only me. If the world was a happy no trouble place why would you seek to leave it? But because of the many troubles you have experienced and because of the invasion of the evil one you no longer belong on the earth and you know this deep in your soul. You have finally realized that truly this world is not your home. As you desire your true home your heart yearns to be with me even more. Yes my bride you are ready for me to return for you. You will not be caught off-kilter at my return, you will be ready, in fact you are ready now and I am well pleased. Look back at the troubles you have experienced and appreciate the fact that I used what the devil meant for evil to bring about much good for your sake. What was meant to discourage you I used to draw you closer to me, you are now so close to me that even if you were to be offered all the silver and gold in the world to leave my side you would not do it. You have discovered the true treasure, one that is worth more than all the treasures in heaven above or in the earth below. Children, I am always working for your good, even in the middle of disaster I am looking out for you. If you have walked in rebellion, in sin and your sin has found you out get on your knees and repent and even if you must suffer the consequences of your actions I am still with you. I will walk with you through it, it will be hard, you will feel like you are suffocating but I will never leave your side. I am God to you for all time and even if you reject me I am still God. Therefore, do not become bitter when you suffer the consequences of your rebellious actions. I am merciful to the repentant; I am close to the broken hearted for a broken heart is a sacrifice that I will never reject. Repent and turn back to me, I am here for you. Now to the unrepentant, your rebellion will lead you to a place you do not want to go and you will not have any way to escape your final destination, for all who remain in sin and die in their sin are bound by eternal law to the very depths of hell. Yes, I have brought some back from hell but that is the exception to the rule. I did this for your benefit for many do not believe in the existence of hell. Out of mercy I have brought back witnesses who have seen and experienced the very fires of hell. My goal is that perhaps by giving evidence of this place of torment many may turn away from sin and come to me for salvation so that in the end they may not be condemned to hell fire. Alas, my efforts have yielded little fruit for many do not even believe my witnesses and they continue in sin. At the end of this age and before my throne of judgment you will not have an excuse, for I reached out to you with a witness from hell and you rejected my mercy. On that day I will cast you out of my presence and abandon you to the fires of hell that you willingly chose. Listen and consider my words, your souls eternity awaits, where will you spend it, heaven or hell?

Jesus, Selah.