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Isaiah 40:12-14, Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 48:12, Job 21:22, Job 36:22-23, Romans 11:34, Revelation 1:8 Revelation 21:6, Revelation 22:13.

I am Alpha and Omega

My eyes are upon you my children do not let your souls be troubled. I have come to trouble the waters that you may dive in and find peace and healing. I look down upon my children and all I see is troubled minds and troubled hearts. I am not the one troubling you I am the one who gives peace to my own. What is troubling you child? Lay it on the altar and leave it there, make your petition known before my throne of grace and leave knowing that I will give you peace about the situation, that whatever path I choose is the best path for you. Cast your cares upon me, lay your heavy burdens at my feet, I am the one who bore your burdens at the cross yes it is already done. Who will choose to walk the path of trust with me? Who will not waver to the left or to the right but will instead focus their gaze steadfastly upon me? Who is willing to empty themselves of pride and ego and trust me blindly despite the frightful events taking place around you? I am here I am he who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what you can ask or believe. I am able to make good that which the devil meant for evil. I am the author of time and space. Who can occupy like I can? Did I not stretch the heavens at my word? Did I not speak the stars into existence? Did I not set the planets in their orbits? What is too difficult for me? What do you face that is impossible for you? I assure you my arm is not too short to save nor is it too shriveled to work on your behalf. I am the mighty God and to those who trust me I will show myself mighty. Is there one who has a greater name than mine? I think not for creation still rings with the sound of my voice and my name to this very day and will continue to do so into eternity. I set up kingdoms, I bring down kingdoms I know the ways of the falcon and the leopard. Who will school me in the knowledge of that which I created? I know the treasuries of the snow and wind, I created them. Who will school me on the things of nature for did they not proceed from my mouth? What have you created that has not already been created? Who is greater, the one who creates from nothing or he who creates from materials already available in nature? Do you know the limits of my creation? Yes you who seek to break the laws of creation do you understand the limits of what you do? For in your arrogance Oh man you have created abominations that will in the end devour you for you have no control over what you create. I am the creator, the Alpha and Omega, apart from me nothing exists that exists. If you were to die today Oh arrogant one will the world stop? Will the earth cease to exist? No, it will not, you will soon be forgotten as the chaff that is blown away by the wind. However if I was to inhale the breath of life that I exhaled into man, all the creatures with breath will die simultaneously for I did not just exhale a soul but also the very breath that you breath. I am God I have not become obsolete, without me you are dead. Those who trust in me will not be put to shame but the wicked will perish in their unrighteousness ways.

Jesus, Amen.