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Numbers 11:23, Psalm 145:18, Isaiah 53:1, Isaiah 59:1, Romans 10:17, Philippians 4:6-7, 1 Peter 5:7.

I am forgotten

Child I am here, you cannot feel my presence nor hear my voice because you have allowed the trouble that you are facing to take over your mind. Your mind is uneasy, you are stressed, you are not even thinking clearly. You are trying to solve this problem on your own and in your own power and strength. The question is, when did I ever tell you to rely on your own strength? Have you forgotten who I am? Have I gone back on my word and forsaken you? Will I abandon you even when you are blatantly at fault? Why does it still take you so long to realize that I am the beginning and the end of your very life? That it is I who gives you the very breath that proceeds from your nostril? You have got to stop the drop and pick up mechanism that you have so well perfected in your life, the habit of coming to me with a problem, momentarily dropping it at my feet then you come back in a panic pick it up and proceed to lag it around like it is a part of you. Child, you must learn to drop your burdens at my feet and live with praise on your lips. Do not turn back to ever glance at it and trust that I am more than capable of taking care of it. I am here for you. Why do you ignore me? Why have you forgotten who I am in your life? I am the very source of your life; the one who sustains it and the one who gives you rest. What is it child? Is anything too burdensome for me? Has my strength waned? Do I need rejuvenation? I assure you I do not. I am ever awesome, ever mighty, forever powerful and ever present to you. Come child, calm your nerves and reject the negative thoughts that are continually flooding your mind to the point where you have forgotten me. I am here, you are my heart, my bride, a part of my body and I carry you everywhere I go for no one can forget his own body, it is ever present with you in much the same way I am ever present with you, the question is am I ever present to you or are you so blinded by trouble that you do not even comprehend my presence? Step back child, breath, close your eyes, clear your vision of all the negative images and visions that have been hounding you. Now open your eyes and see me. I am right here, I never left, all this time I was and have been present before you. Troubles must come, trials must come, tribulation must come but through it all I am with you and I am working for your good. Now what does this mean? It means that when this incident is completed you will be made complete. It will not be necessarily easy, in fact sometimes things get so hard that you feel like you are going to come apart at the seams but as long as I am leading you through it you will make it through and come out at peace and strengthened. The journey is not always easy. Child, there are times when you must walk through the storm and at other times I will calm the storm and still at other times I will remove you from the raging waters as you begin to sink in despair. Through it all I am working in your favor and for your ultimate good. Child, remember who I am. You know what? For a majority of you the reason you fall into despair is because you have forgotten who I am, because you do not read my word, for it is through my word as well as through experiencing my power in your life that you get to know who I am. Your faith has become weak because you do not read my word. Remember, faith comes by hearing, the hearing of my word. Listen, learn and obey.

Jesus, Selah.