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Deuteronomy 32:35, Psalm 119:105, Romans 12:17-19, Matthew 4:16, 5:13-16, John 8:12, 1 John 1:5-7.

I am light

Children do you think I do not see the injustices committed against you? I see them, I see them all. I see the injustices committed against the weak, the helpless, the poor. I see them all and one day I will repay for I hear the cries of those who have been hurt through the wickedness of others and my heart is merciful to them. I will remember their cries on the day I come to judge the world and many will be the miseries of the unrepentant for I desire to forgive and to save but I cannot force anyone to repent and those who choose to remain in rebellion will feel my wrath on the day I visit the earth with my mighty judgments. The time of the rapid spread of evil is here and the wicked will indeed prosper in wickedness, it will seem like there is no end to their depravity and the world will continue to get darker and darker not just spiritually but even physically. The sun will appear dimmer making the days appear darker and the moon will not shine as bright causing the night to be darker and darker and then one day neither the sun nor the moon will be seen and darkness will cover the earth, a darkness that can be felt, a darkness that covered the earth during the time when I judged Egypt for her idolatry and proved to them that I am God. Believe me, Egypt never forgot me though they continued in idolatry. Many years after that they always knew that there is a God who was greater and mightier than all the gods of Egypt combined. During this time of darkness many will awaken from their slumber, they will hear my voice and they will choose to repent and I will forgive them and I will no longer hold their sins against them. Children, you have no idea how dark this world will get both spiritually and physically, misery will be everywhere, a feeling of hopelessness will permeate the land and peace will flee from the earth. The only ones who will experience my peace and who will walk in hope and in my love will be my children. In the midst of the great darkness they will shine brighter than the stars of heaven. Many who will be confused, who will be seeking answers, who will have repented will run to them looking for answers, attracted by the hope, peace and love that will be radiating from them. My children will be like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a choking toxic wasteland. Indeed as in the days of the plagues of Egypt there will be a marked distinction between my true children and the rest of the world. A distinction that will be undeniable, one that will attract those seeking the light for indeed man was not conceived in darkness but in light and though sin drives him to dwell in darkness his soul yearns for light for he came from me and I am light. My children dwell in me, they dwell in light and they desire to remain in the light. They abhor darkness because they are the children of light. My children, walk in the light and you will never stumble in darkness for my light exposes what is in your innermost parts, the things you seek to hide are exposed and you are forced to deal with them for I am not a God who chooses to cover evil, no I expose it and I expel it from your lives. Darkness truly has no communion with light except that light dispels darkness; this concept is true both in the spiritual and in the physical realm. In heaven there is no darkness, there is not even a hint of it in shadows for there are no shadows in heaven. My light seeps into every nook and cranny and illuminates everything so that darkness can never be found in my heavenly kingdom. I am light; the Father of lights and in me there is no shadow of turning. Beware children not to be misled into darkness. Remember, in me there is only light, always light. I love you.

Jesus, Amen.