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Genesis 15:1, Exodus 23:20, 2 Kings 6:15-17, Psalm 18:2, 34:7, 37:23, 91, 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Romans 8:37-39, Hebrews 13:5-6.

I am with you even in the dark

My angels are encamped around you my children you are not left defenseless. I have a mighty shield around you. The days are coming and are here when you will begin to see heavens’ armies encamped around you for you are about to go into battle for your soul and the souls of other men. I am with you, my defense is around you and who can withstand me? My warrior angels are on assignment guarding my beloved and you shall not smash your toe or have a hang nail without my allowing it. Do not live in fear, as long as you are in me walking in obedience to my voice and my word you have nothing to worry about for I am merciful even to the rebellious, how much more so to those who obey me? I am your God, your mighty God and my hand is not too limp to save you, your days I have numbered, your steps I have ordered and who can spoil my plans? I am your shield, your very great reward who will overcome you? For have I not called you overcomers, more than conquerors? I am with you do not lose heart even when you seem to be roaming in the dark, when you cannot hear or see me I am still there. My children this is a reality that you must internalize right now for a time of great trial is coming, a time when you will be physically and psychologically persecuted. If you do not understand that I am with you now before darkness falls how will you endure this time of great trial? You must decide right here and right now to trust me completely, unconditionally. To understand that I am greater than any challenge you will ever face and besides no one can steal you from my hand. Have you ever seen a mother hen? Have you seen how fiercely she protects her young? She is not afraid to fight off even an aggressive rooster. She will fight until she draws blood in order to protect her young. What about a mother bear? Is there any other animal more dangerous than her when it comes to protecting her young? No male dare approach her when she rears up in defense of her young. She is ruthless and deadly and she will kill anyone and anything that threatens her cubs. I am your keeper, your protector and I am fiercely defensive of my children. If an animal that I created has such an acute maternal instinct how much more do you think I protect my own? I am jealous over my bride and I am savagely protective over my children. Walk in this confidence knowing that I have your back, no matter what you face I am there with you and I will walk with you as you overcome it. Why am I emphasizing this? Because a spirit of fear has been released to cause panic among my flock. A spirit that seeks to intimidate and insinuate that you are on your own, you are not. I am the same God yesterday, today and for all eternity, I change not, I do not lie and I am always faithful. Should faith fail on the earth I remain faithful for I cannot deny myself. Now go forth with this assurance that I am with you always, that I will never leave you nor forsake you, that I am walking ahead of you and I am also your rear guard. Remember, your weapons are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. Learn what they are and learn how to use them effectively. I am your Commander-in-chief, ask me and I will reveal to you mysteries that have been hidden from times past, I will reveal to you mighty weapons that you know nothing about. I am here open your mouth and ask.

Jesus, Amen.