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Psalm 23:4, Romans 8:15, Philippians 4:6-7, 2 Timothy 1:7,

Is it well with your soul?

Children you will not understand everything that is going on in the world because much of it is hidden in the shadows. I did not ask you to understand the times, no, I said beware of the times you live in and I gave you clues to identify these times. Beyond that all you need is wisdom and to trust in me. Many are running around trying to explain every event, they are wearing themselves out and creating panic and fear in themselves and in those who listen to them. Yes beware of the times but the most important thing you can do is to pray that those who set out to seek me will not be led astray. I will speak with you, I will direct you, I will give you wisdom to navigate these times, I will give you peace which is the one thing that you need in abundance during these troubling times. As the days get worse and worse some are giving in to fear and panic, why? Because they do not trust that I am able to take care of them during these troubling times. Some have worked themselves into a frenzy and have decided to follow their own hearts. Children these are critical times, these are the days when you need to know my voice, to listen for my voice and to obey my instructions. Panic and fear creates confusion and they make you deaf to my voice. They drown me out and instead of being led by my Spirit you are led by your flesh. Children, these are the days of prayer. These are the days to get very close to me, for a time is coming when you will not have anyone to run to for help but me. You need to know me now; you need to trust me now. Come to me and I will dispel the fear and panic that has gripped your life. This is an all in or all out scenario, there is no in between. Pay attention the days are rapidly shortening, one season barely begins and before you know it the next season dawns on you. Pay attention there is a rapidity in time not in hours and minutes for time is not just measured in hours and minutes but in eras, the beginning and ending of eras. Look around you time is up and those who are unprepared will be caught unawares. The events that will close this era and begin the next will happen so fast, so suddenly it will send a shockwave the world over. Everyone will know that you have stepped into a new era, it will be unmistakable. Shock will hit every facet of society from the family to the church all the way to the governments because even though there are dark plans in place to consolidate power and imprison the population the intensity of the onset of this new era will be a shock to all. Those who are spiritually astute will realize that I have allowed this for my own purposes for even in the midst of darkness I will be glorified. The one thing I will not tolerate is panic and fear among my own. I am your God am I not? Either I am or I am not, either I am great and mighty or I am not. Those who will choose to place their trust in me will not be disappointed for I will prove myself great and mighty on their behalf. They will not be disappointed and the world will know that they are mine for I will personally testify on their behalf for I will perform great wonders among them, wonders whose origins cannot be denied. Children it is time to let go of your attachment to the materials of this world, they are temporary and they cannot rescue your soul. It is time to look at yourself as an eternal soul and not just a temporary body that must one day die and decay, there is much more to you, a part of you that does not belong in this world. Examine your souls, be sure of the destination of your soul, this is the most important aspect of your life. Ask yourself is it well with my soul? You sing it but is it true in your life?