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1 Samuel 15:22, Isaiah 1:19, Matthew 7:21, Luke 6:16, John 14:15, Romans 6:16, James 1:22.

Listen and obey

Children you would not go through so many traumatic experiences if you learned to listen and obey. This is the problem most teenagers have, they do not listen and they do not obey and they end up going through troubling and traumatic experiences that could have been avoided had they just listened and obeyed. Unfortunately, this is not just a teenage problem; my own adult children have problems with obedience. My Holy Spirit is not slack concerning warning you when you are going down the wrong path, on the contrary He warns you ahead of time over and over again but even He will go silent when He is constantly ignored. Children, just like teenagers become disobedient and refuse correction you are not much different. Remember what you do when your teenagers refuse to listen? You give them advice, you warn them, then you go silent and just pray for them hoping that they will acquire wisdom before it is too late. A few, very few do learn wisdom and switch direction but most do not and they end up going through traumatic experiences like teenage pregnancies, STD’s, drug addictions and so on. Some stay in a traumatic state for years especially as concerns drug addictions and abusive relationships. Some have lost their lives in the process, some never break the addictions in their lives and the few that do come out do so with deep wounds and ghastly scars, wounds and scars that could be physical yes but many of which are mental, emotional, spiritual wounds and scars that do not heal as quickly as physical wounds and scars. My children it is time to learn to listen to my Holy Spirit. I sent Him for your sake, to minister to you. He is your closest friend and companion, He has your best interest at heart, He is kind and gentle more so than my Father and I and that is why the penalty for blaspheming Him is a death sentence in hell for all time. You must learn to listen to and obey Him. Children, we are not here to make your life miserable we are not trying to prevent you from enjoying your life; on the contrary I came that you may have life and life more abundantly. Children, irrespective of what the world says, you can enjoy your life apart from sin and not only that you will have peace about it. Many lives have been destroyed because people are searching for love and peace in the wrong places, the world’s way. Am I wrong? I am not. When people search for love they truly believe that sex equates to love, that it is impossible to fall in love without the sexual component. This lie has led to more broken hearts than you will ever know. It has scared so many to the point where they never truly find true love and peace. I look down upon the earth and I see regardless of race, religion or gender a people so scarred, so deeply wounded because they went about finding love the world’s way and they came out with broken hearts and a broken spirit. Children, I want you to have love in your life that is why I created a man and a woman in the beginning, do not be deceived, they loved each other in every way, emotionally and physically. I sanctioned the marital sexual union before the fall of man. Eve was Adam’s companion in every way. I am not against sex, I am against premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality and all other forms of sexual perversions and you will not find love through sex, love comes before sex. My children, go back to my word, follow it, find healing for your souls and follow my instructions concerning relationships and sex and in doing so you will find peace, love and happiness.

Jesus, Amen.