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Deuteronomy 8:18, Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25, Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 6:24, 6:33, Hebrews 12:3-11.

My plans for you are sufficient

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death. Children, when you make plans for your life and for your children remember to include me. You should come to me first to find out what my will is for you and for your children. My plans for you are perfect and though it may not seem so at first you will find peace if you follow the path I have set for your life. There are people who spend their whole lives doing what feels good to them but they never find peace or joy. They eke out their own path and follow it diligently but because it was not my path for them they end up wasting an entire lifetime on what they think is important. Children you can have a lucrative career and all the money you can ever hope to have but without me it is all smoke and mirrors. Your life has no substance if it is all based on material things. Children, start to seek my way for you, if you are not on my path for your life it is time to get on it. Do not spend your entire life acquiring material things at the expense of your soul. I have a plan for your life, I have a ministry for you and I want to see all fulfilled. If what you are doing is in your own strength, power and will apart from me then it will not amount to anything. There are those whom I have called into different ministries and even into full time ministries but they have rebelled against me. Some do not think the compensation is substantial enough to provide for their needs. Others do not want to deal with people in the church and others just take off and run out of fear. Children I am God, I am well able to provide for my own ministers. You refuse the calling I have placed on your life because you do not see me as a sufficient provider and you believe that you should provide for yourself out of your own strength. In other words you think you can do better on your own. Oh foolish one who gave you the power to make wealth and who gave you the intellect, will and strength? Stop with the excuses and follow me. Do not look at what others do, yes there are hypocrites in my church from the pulpit to the pews but did I ever tell you to follow any man? Are they your God? No, I am. I am able to take care of you and if your fear is that I will not sufficiently provide for you and your family then you have your answer, you have made yourself a god unto yourself and you have also put your trust in gold and silver instead of the one who created you. I have come to destroy the idols in your life and if you are an idol to yourself I will break you until you can see that you are nothing but dust and I have the power to take your life at any time. I will destroy the idols of wealth, money, status, greed and all forms of immorality in your life. Yes, I will destroy them all and in the end it will be just you and me. When I have brought you to the end of yourself then I will reveal my glory to you and you will never again doubt who I am in your life. The question is will you walk this path willingly or will you in rebellion follow your own path? Those who are mine I will chasten yet if you continue in rebellion I have no choice but to let you follow your own path, a path that will lead to much pain and hurt. Choose which path to follow.

Jesus, Amen.