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Psalm 14:1, Psalm 19:1, Jeremiah 29:13, Romans 1:19-21, Hebrews 11:6, James 2:19, Revelation 1:8.

No excuse for denying my existence

There is a ship sailing in the sea, a boat churning through the waters guided by the hand of the captain at the helm. A little turn and the ship turns. At the command of the captain the ship turns. Children, I did not make you into machines that I could control at the twist of a wrist. I did not automate you to give a desired response at my whim yet there are those in the world who hate me for no reason. I do not force men to worship me, it is a personal choice to do so and it must come from your heart. The world does not understand this yet there are those with a deep hatred for me. How can you hate what you do not understand? How can you hate one whom you say does not exist? The world lies to itself, if a man hates me and says I do not exist he is a liar for you cannot hate that which you believe does not exist. You hate me because you know deep in your heart that I exist and you have chosen to live your life outside of me. I am not evil or conniving I will not force you into my arms but you will never be able to say that you did not know that I exist for you cannot hate that which you believe does not exist. You are without excuse and your own conscience will bear witness against you on the Day of Judgment that you willfully, knowingly denied me knowing full well that I AM. Children, do not drive yourself into a fit arguing to no end with those who willfully choose to live in sin. Testify to them whenever you can then the rest of the time let your life be a witness that I am Lord over your life. I see parents whose hearts break because their children have chosen to live in sin and to deny me even though they were raised in church and I see children who know and love me but have unbelieving parents. I see your pain. After you have said and done all that you can live a righteous life before them and pray and do not lose your way simply because your loved ones continue to live in rebellion, you stay true before me no matter the choices your loved ones make. Remember, ultimately everyone must give an account of their own lives before me; everyone will stand before me as an individual. The world chooses to deceive itself I have said in my word none not one will have an excuse before me for nature itself bears witness to my existence. I am just; I will not be labeled unjust. I have provided myself with a witness to all men and none has an excuse. Your very conscience if you have not hardened it tells you when you are right or wrong and if you are saved the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin. No one has a valid excuse before me. Those who believe that they have a reason to remain in sin are deceiving only themselves, in the end they must give an account of the choices they made in their lives. My church is going to go through great persecution and during this time there will be a distinction between the true Christians and the lukewarm ones. My church will be tried as with fire and the resolute ones will come out purified as pure silver whereas the hypocrites, the pretenders will be burned and their true heart will be exposed. Therefore children make your stand sure for soon you will be called to prove your faith. I am with you, even in the fire I am with you as I was with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Reflect on these things.

Jesus, Amen.