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Genesis 3:19, Ecclesiastes 12:7, 1 Corinthians 15:51-55, Hebrews 9:27.

No immortality in the mortal body

Yes the so called gods of days past seek to arise once again to wreak havoc on the earth. I will allow it; they will arise once more only to be destroyed forever this time. Once judgment has been passed upon them and upon their offspring and abominations they will rise no more they will forever be imprisoned in a place of darkness and fire. The men who have summoned them upon the earth shall share in their judgment; together they will burn for all eternity. Children, this is not a game, remember, if you choose darkness then in deep darkness shall you dwell and none will be able to save you. The choices you make in this life will determine the final destination of your immortal soul. Eternity is in you it begins at death for the life you live now here on earth is a temporary one and will last until death or the rapture but beyond that is a new life and a new death both of which are eternal. You must choose one, a choice you can only make while you are still in your body of flesh. Children the days are coming when man will willingly choose to cleave to evil. They have already prepared their souls to accept wickedness, you do not have to look far to see this. Turn on your T.V., what do you see? I am not talking about pornography; I am talking about men embracing all things dark. Men are fascinated by evil, they cannot get enough of it, they think what is on T.V. is all there is to it and for this sake they pursue witchcraft, dark arts and evil incantations. Look children the programs on T.V. are full of dark evil, evil incantations from of old summoning evil spirits that have been held at bay for millennia. The elite are working overtime trying to release all the evil they can in their greed for power and wealth. They are fools seeking power and wealth from evil not fully aware of what they are unleashing upon the earth. They see themselves as masters and everyone else as a slave not realizing that they themselves have already become slaves to the evil one. I will grant them the desires of their heart for I will release the evil that I had chained away from the earth. I will release them and they will wreak havoc upon the earth, so much bloodshed that even the ones who summoned them will be in utter shock. The world will be engulfed in deep darkness yet even in the midst of great darkness my elect will shine like bright stars in the deepest darkest night. For it is only in deep darkness that stars shine the brightest. My beloved will not be overcome, they are mine, my mighty army and they will prevail, though hell unleashes all the evil it holds my beloved will not be overcome. Do not be afraid my children, my beloved, my remnant, you will prevail and none shall make you afraid. I am the Lord I own all that I have created, the earth is mine and the fullness thereof and my children, my heirs shall inherit the earth not as it is but as it shall be for I will create a new heaven and a new earth and my beloved shall dwell upon it unafraid. Hold on to my promises for they are true, they shall be fulfilled in their entirety. Once again I say do not tremble at the coming darkness, I am with you always lo even to the end of this age. It is time beloved, the time is now, the time is here. Look up for your redemption, your eternal redemption draws near. I have spoken, the Almighty and faithful one, Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords.