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Genesis 3:22-24, Matthew 24:35, 2 Timothy 2:13, Hebrews 9:27-28, Hebrews 10:26-27, Revelation 13:16-17.

Once to die then judgment

Children, I am faithful to myself. I am faithful to my word I cannot deny myself and therefore I cannot deny my word. I am tired of trying to convince you of the veracity of my word. I have tried over and over again but many still do not believe what my word says about me and my return. If you set your heart in unbelief then in unbelief you shall remain but my word will be fulfilled as written, for what has been penned and set in stone shall not be changed. My word is forever, yes heaven and earth may pass away but my word remains, it remains true, it remains complete and it will all be fulfilled as written. Let those who have ears hear me and let the deaf remain deaf, you will not have an excuse on the day of judgment for every man knows that his or her life is only for a season upon this earth, that death is imminent for man, you are all aware that there is going to be an end to your existence in this realm in the near future for it is appointed to man once to die and then the judgment. Hear my word it does not say anything about reincarnation, about coming back to this world to live a second or third life in this physical realm. No, you will live in this physical realm only once and after that you will live in the spiritual realm either in heaven or in hell and no there is no such thing as purgatory if there was such a place my word would have clearly spelled it out for it is not my desire to keep the reality of heaven and hell hidden from you. All the answers you seek about the spiritual world are in my word ask me to reveal them to you. Children, your life now will determine your final destination after death, death itself is but a passage from the physical realm into the spiritual realm, a permanent passage unless I choose to do otherwise to fulfill my purposes as I did for Lazarus and others. No technology in this world will keep you from either entering heaven or hell. Yes medication may extend your life for a season but eventually you will die, actually most will die and only a fraction will escape death through the rapture. All will be fulfilled as written. It is true that man has sought immortality from the very beginning. It is for this reason that I expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for they too sought immortality after they fell. I would not allow it then and I will not allow it now no matter the technological advances you come up with whether on your own or by collaborating with that serpent Satan. I will not allow it. I repeat it is appointed to man once to die then the judgment. The rebellious ones will of course not listen to my words; they have already joined themselves to the serpent and seek to be immortal. They drink human blood and inject themselves will all sorts of portions seeking immortality and supernatural powers. Some have openly and willingly invited demons to reside in them so much so that their humanity has been overcome by the entities they have covenanted with. Such is of the same spirit as the antichrist himself. They have taken the mark, a mark they cannot revoke and now there is nothing else left for them but a fearful awaiting of my wrath. Many in their arrogance believe the lies they have been fed by the serpent, that they will rule forever with him in his kingdom. Fools, your end is a fiery pit in hell. Hear me and live or remain in your sins and die.

Jesus, Amen.