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Isaiah 46:10, Isaiah 59:1, Isaiah 61:1-3, John 10:10, Colossians 1:27.

Remember, I AM

Have I gotten too old? Am I all of a sudden senile that I have forgotten my promises to you? Maybe I am bankrupt or impotent? Is this how you view me? You say no, then why is it that when disaster strikes instead of remembering who I am you give in to fear and reduce me to a senile, barely there impotent entity. Do I grow weaker with the passage of time? Do I wear out? Do I need to be replenished? I assure you children I Am all powerful all the time, I cannot get better because I am always at my best, I do not diminish in any way, my power never wanes and my resources are limitless. From eternity to eternity I Am forever powerful. I have never grown weak or tired I do not need rest I Am at my best all the time, every time. Children, I already told you several times that your enemy has assigned his agents to continually buffet you; he has commanded them not to let up the pressure, to constantly shut you down until you forget in whom you believe. He wants you concentrating on the pain, frustration, desperation and depression that come with a constant amount of strength sapping pressure. I must admit, his agents have not let him down for I look at my children and so many are so weary they cannot even remember what it feels like to be refreshed. In fact some have resigned themselves to feeling this way always; they barely have a memory of a time when they did not have such an oppressive burden pressing down upon them. Some have gone so far as to resign themselves to a life of slavery to this evil onslaught. I have watched as the light of hope has grown dim in my children’s eyes. I have watched as they have let go of the hem of my garment and are now clutching at straws. Some have even gone as far as to question my deity and my ability to work on their behalf. This is the crossroads that many of my children are facing. They still have a foggy memory of who I am but the darkness of despair is rapidly blinding them to my ever present light and presence. Some have stopped crying out thinking that their lot in life is bitter leaves and gall for sustenance. My children, I did not come to bring loss, mourning and death to you. I came that you may have life and that without limits, that is what abundant means to me, limitless. I came to give you the oil of joy and the hope of glory. I came to reveal my Father’s love to you. He has not grown weak; He is not leaning on a cane looking out into the distance reminiscing on the good old days. With Him all days are good for He is ever present to His beloved children. My house is still a house of healing, a place of gathering for all nations, a place of abundance, a place of life and joy. Gird your loins Oh downcast one and remember who your God is, I Am the undefeatable one, one who stands alone in power and splendor, who has never and will never know defeat. In my realm there is no failure, no second plans because all my ways are perfect. I know the end from the beginning and everything that exists does so within my set parameters. Nothing exists outside of me, I have no equal, but as omnipotent as I am, in all my excellent glory my heart belongs to my children. You are my love, for you I gave my very life to save yours. My incorruptible blood was shed for that which dies and returns to dust. I poured out my life for you and I left my heart with and in you. I Am your God, lift up your head and remember me for I will fight for you even as I bled for you. I love you with an everlasting love.

Jesus, Amen.