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Isaiah 61:1-9, John 16:1-3, Romans 8, Philippians 3:8, Hebrews 9:27.

Remember my covenants

Days of mourning are before you children, days of sorrow and great grief. The question is will you trust me to see you through them or will you let fear creep into your hearts and forget who I am? I have never been unfaithful to my word it will be as it is written. The promises in it are true and they apply to all my children. Yes days of tumult lie ahead of you but to those who trust me these will be days of peace, not an outward peace but an inward peace, days of strengthening and days of great miracles. I have always upheld my covenants, to this day my covenant with the house of Israel still stands and their time of redemption draws near, in the same way I covenanted with my children and sealed the covenant of grace with my blood on Calvary’s cross. Yes you will suffer much hardship but my covenant still stands, my grace is not withdrawn from you and my mercies endure forever. The world thinks that by killing you they are eliminating a problem. They are wrong, my covenant is with my children both physical and spiritual Israel. By eliminating the covenanted ones the world leaves itself bear and powerless to the attacks of Satan but my children will not be overcome. They are covered by my blood, they are under my covenant, a covenant that I will not break and at the fullness of time I will return for my bride and the world will be covered in grave darkness unknown from the foundation of the world. Children do not allow fear to grip your hearts I am still with you now and into eternity. Though you will suffer trials, tribulation, persecution, remember what you suffer upon this earth is temporary, your suffering will not last but for a short season for I your redeemer I am here to redeem you. The time comes when you will remove this body of sin like taking off a garment and you will be clothed in your glorious bodies, a body that is perfect. Do not dwell on the setbacks of today keep your eyes on the prize, your eternal prize. Count all things as loss that you may gain that which cannot be lost nor destroyed. Remember, the physical pain you suffer only lasts so long but if you lose your soul the pain you will suffer will be eternal, weigh your options, there are only two and always remember your physical life is like smoke in the wind, here one minute and gone the next. The fleshly desires that you experience are not worth losing your soul. Children the point I am trying to make here is that the life you are living upon this earth is temporary, it doesn’t matter if you live to be 120 years of age one day you will either die or be raptured. Those who are raptured are going straight to heaven, the ones who die are either going to heaven or hell. Therefore live this life with this objective in mind, at the end of this race what is your destination? Do not be too concerned with acquiring material things and forget about the condition of your soul. Your soul is eternal material things are temporary therefore get your priorities straight. You only live once upon this earth and afterwards there are only two destinations, heaven or hell, there is no purgatory and no reincarnation. You can freeze all your bodily organs in hopes of reincarnation or transference of consciousness to another body, this is vain pursuit for my word clearly says it is appointed to man once to die and then the judgment. There are no do overs therefore live this life with your final destination in mind and being supremely aware that your day of passing is unknown to you.

Jesus, Selah.