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Matthew 5:28, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 6:18, 7:2, 10:13, Ephesians 5:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, Hebrews 13:4, Revelation 21:8.

Sexual Immorality: A cycle of destruction

Children there are situations that you go through that are a result of your own disobedience and rebellion. I have called all of you to practice sexual purity which means that sex is only acceptable between a man and a woman in the institution of marriage. Many do not practice this. Because of the promiscuity of their parents and the promiscuous culture they are raised in, teenagers believe that it is okay to have premarital sex, not only this but they observe their own parents and the adults in society having several sexual partners and they in their folly follow suit. The result is teenage pregnancies, abortions, heartbreak when the other partner cheats, STD’s and getting involved in abominable sexual behaviors. Parents are no better; they do not set a good example for their teenagers because some of them are involved in sexual affairs outside their marriages. With this come all kinds of problems that sometimes end up in divorce further hurting the children. Furthermore, some of these teenagers never recover from such shakeups and they end up growing up with trust issues. This is a vicious cycle that has gripped society and the result is a breakup of the familial unit. A divided house is easily conquered. This has been and still is Satan’s strategy and it works very well. I am tired of seeing the pain of the children. They roam through life in pain and many are unable to overcome it. Feeling a lack of love in the home many walk through life searching for love in all the wrong places. Some think that physical attraction or more specifically lust is synonymous with love. Others think sex is synonymous with love. Open your eyes, these illicit sexual relationships are a big part of the problem. Some get involved sexually with someone else in a very casual manner but in the end they end up with a child born out of a casual encounter based solely on lust. Because they do not have a deeper connection, in this case love, they end up in a dysfunctional relationship if they establish one at all. I never meant for children to live apart from both or one of their parents. Children need strong roots, a solid foundation but unfortunately many do not have this. Some sadly repeat the same pattern of loose relationships and casual sexual encounters some of which end up in unplanned pregnancies and the cycle continues. The result of these loose relationships has led to a generation of children who grow up into adults who have no ties to family, society and the nation. Because they have no ties they easily give up their basic rights as citizens. This is the problem plaguing America right now, a group of people roaming aimlessly through life with nothing to fight for. The things that they feel strongly about are the very things that got them in the mess that they are in. Look around children what are Americans fighting for, the right to kill their babies through abortion, the right to end their own lives through euthanasia, the right to end the lives of those they consider unproductive to society beginning with selective abortion, the right to practice all forms of sexual abominations including homosexuality and pretty soon pedophilia. All these began with the systematic breakup of the familial unit which led to a group of people with no roots, nothing worthwhile to fight for therefore they can be easily manipulated to do whatever the elite desire. I grieve for you; I grieve for this nation of America. When you began as a nation you were strong because your families were strong and your values were based on my word but as all these eroded your nation began to die and there is no reversing this trend without a nationwide repentance and the return to the foundation of this nation, my word and me, Jesus. This will not happen therefore you will continue to diminish until your glory will be remembered no more. Consider my words.

Jesus, Amen.