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Genesis 28:10-12, Deuteronomy 4:24, Numbers 11:1-3, 1 Chronicles 14:11, Hebrews 12:29, Revelation 20:9.

The Cleansing

There is a shifting in the atmosphere, a final attempt to prepare my children for the days that are coming ahead of them, days of trouble, days of deep trouble. There is a shifting in the spirit, a forcible breakthrough past the darkening heavens for Satan has choked up the sky like a blanket leaving no room to maneuver but I am Yahweh I will breakthrough. For who can withstand my mighty hand? I will scatter the enemy, I will break through with fire and the evil ones will flee in pain and panic as I make my presence known. I will prepare fiery highways through which my angels will move back and forth for the final preparation must be made before the curtain falls, my will will be done before my judgment falls. I am giving my beloved children one more opportunity before the heavens get shut up like a steal door, impenetrable except by fire and not just any fire but the fire from the altar. You have received many instructions children have you adhered to them? Have you been obedient to my voice or have you shut me out of your life? These are the final moments before my wrath falls full force for the judgment is at the door and you will see my judgments but you will not know my wrath for I will protect my beloved bride, I will rescue her, I will fulfill my promise to her. I am a just God, I will pour hot coals into the lap of the wicked but my bride will receive a cool refreshing drink from my hand. Oh yes the day is coming when I will make a clear distinction between my bride and the rest of the world. She will be lifted up; her feet will no longer be upon this earth as she flies up to my throne without wings, pulled by my immense love. Yes, it is time, it is way past time yet before that time my judgments will be witnessed by all and in the middle of it a great revival will break out as my cubs return to me in repentance. What a shame that it will take a severe chastening to return you into my arms. Those who repent will be saved but the unrepentant will suffer an excruciating end. Oh children I look at the world, at all the nations and all I see is wickedness increasing upon the earth, men and women comfortably engaged in every sin imaginable, no accountability, no remorse, no repentance and definitely no love for one another. Even the animals in nature have more compassion for their young but man is willing to sell the fruit of the womb for pennies on the dollar. Yes filth has increased upon the earth and only judgment will cleanse the earth, judgment by fire. I am the fiery one see and hear me roar in your midst. Repent, the time of the end is at hand.

Yahweh, Amen.