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Genesis 6:11-13, Psalm 14:1-3, Matthew 23:27-28, Romans 1:18-32, Romans 6:23, 1 Peter 4:17.

The coming purge

Children why are you shocked when you see the depth of depravity that the world has sunk into? Did I not warn you of this in my word? These are not peculiar or unusual times; the world has sunk this low in morals before, during the days of Noah. There truly is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be again. Man will repeat the sins of a past generation and like Noah’s generation this generation will reap what they have sown, you have sown much corruption and you will reap much more corruption. You have sown according to the flesh and according to the flesh you will receive judgment, a judgment that leads to death. There are no longer moral boundaries that man hasn’t crossed and soon everything will be accepted however depraved because man has delighted in the flesh and in its desires he has immersed himself fully unwilling to give up the pleasures it provides. This behavior is not only practiced in the world but also in my own house. The flesh dominates my house from the pulpit to the pews. Indeed my house is filled with hypocrites, Pharisees who do not see their own sins but are quick to point to the sin of others yet they themselves indulge in even worse activities behind closed doors. How do you plan to escape the judgment that I will pour down upon your heads? For my own children dishonor me and they do so in my own house. I am not a weak Father and I am not afraid to discipline you. There are no manmade laws or otherwise that hinder me from meting out punishment for your sins. I am the ultimate Father and I love all my children and out of love not fury but love I must bring judgment upon the hypocrites and rebellious ones in my own house. For how shall I judge another house when my own house is in shambles? No, I will not judge the world before I judge my house. My house shall be cleansed first, it shall be purged, with hyssop it shall be cleansed and once the purge is made complete in my house then I will proceed to judge the world and if I did not spare the children in my own house but judged them with severity how much more shall I judge and punish those who are without? For they comfort themselves by saying that they do not belong to me anyway. They are not Christians therefore they say to themselves that I have no authority over them, they have gone as far as to deny my very existence. Fools, do you deny the wind simply because you do not see it? No you do not, you may not see the wind but you can feel it on your skin and you can see evidence of its existence in the swaying of the tree branches. You say I do not exist yet your very form is evidence of my existence, the complexities of your own physical body is evidence of my existence. Furthermore, my fingerprints are all over nature. You are without excuse and just to make it very clear, simply because you do not acknowledge me as God does not excuse or exclude you from my influence and hence my judgment. Repent Oh foolish one for I am about to breakout against you like a leprous sore and none shall be able to save you from my hand. I return quickly to judge both the just and the unjust and to each I will give a reward, life to the righteous and death to the wicked. I have full rights over you as far as my being your creator and God alone. I created you, I hold your very breath in my hand and regardless of how you feel about me you will have to answer for the way you have lived your life here on earth, whether you have used it for my good or wasted it in sin and death. I say again repent! I return quickly and where shall you hide from my consuming wrath? For like a fiery flame it shall consume the wicked like a flame consumes stubble. You have been warned, I return soon.

Jesus, Selah.