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Isaiah 42:18-20, Romans 1:18-32, Galatians 3:1, Ephesians 5:25-27, 1 Peter 4:17, Revelation 3:17, 16:1-21.

The deaf and the blind

Is there an ear that can hear, eyes that can see? Because to me it seems like I am talking to the deaf and the blind. Should I come and heal your deaf ears and blind eyes before you can hear and see what I am trying to show you? It amazes me how relaxed you are. I am sounding a warning; an urgent warning yet most of my children are as calm as a pond. Apparently they do not hear my urgent pleas and if they do they do not see any need for urgency. It is like sounding a tornado warning and instead of taking cover you go out and sit under the trees to enjoy the day. Simply because you do not see darkness in the sky does not mean that a tornado is not on its way therefore you relax, your policy is seeing is believing. Children, I am coming back to the earth, I am returning for my bride but before that, much destruction is coming upon the earth, my judgments will precede me, my judgments, not my Father’s wrath for I must awaken my church if perhaps I may have even a handful of them in the company of my bride. My judgments are sent forth first for the sake of my church that my sleeping cubs may be awakened to the reality of my return that on the day I do return for my bride I may have a large company of my children. Why do you doubt my words? Many in my house are asleep; they are not only asleep but also steeped in the flesh. I cannot return for them for nothing filthy touches heaven, therefore, I must awaken them and wash them free from the filth of the flesh, so that they may be ready for me to come back and remove them from the earth. For did I not say I am returning for a bride without wrinkle or spot? Well I meant it and besides, my word also clearly states that judgment must begin in my house. My justice requires that before I cleanse the world I must first cleanse my house and it shall be so. Judgment is coming first and foremost to my church and then those who repent and turn from their wicked ways will be saved in death or in the rapture. Afterwards my Father’s wrath will be poured out upon the unrepentant, all the unrepentant. Hear me my children, hear me well, judgment is upon you. What is the condition of your soul? Are you for me or against me? Make your stance sure, be sure of where you stand for ignorance will not excuse you on that day. Yes, it is the time of the judgment of all flesh. Those who put their trust in me will be saved, those who do not will perish. I have been merciful and I continue to be merciful through my judgments but when my Father’s wrath falls and you remain hard of heart mercy will flee from you and death will swallow you up in darkness. Hear and listen that you do not perish.

Jesus, Amen.