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Numbers 23:19, Luke 12:1, Romans 6, 1 Corinthians 10:13, 2 Corinthians 12:9.

The deceitfulness of sin

Sin is like a cancer; it creeps in often unnoticed and causes corruption from within. Children, you must guard your souls against this corruption for it is like yeast that can easily leaven the whole loaf. This is what has happened to my church. Sin has crept in disguised under a veil of holiness, righteousness and goodness. Under this disguise it was accepted into the church and at first its effects were seen as good but in time as always is, it revealed its true nature, for Satan knows how to bide his time until the very moment when he reveals his hand, by that time it is too late and many have already been ensnared by his trickery. He was a trickster from the beginning, a liar who puts on any face that will attract you. He has infected my ministers in the church, many indeed and it takes great discernment to point them out. Children, Satan knows the depth of your commitment to me, he will not come to you directly in a way that reveals his face at the very beginning, no, he will hide his true nature until he ensnares your soul, for sin can only hide so long before its true nature is revealed in the face of my light. Children do not play with sin and do not despise my grace for I hear how many of you excuse yourselves, some say God understands, no my child I have given you sufficient grace to overcome your weaknesses. There is not a sin that has overtaken you that is not common to man and whenever sin approaches you I always have an open door of escape waiting for you. The reason you fall is because you choose not to walk through my door of escape. How can I call myself just yet allow you to face a sin that you cannot overcome? Have I not said in my word that I will not allow you to be tempted above what you can endure? My word is truth, however degenerate the sin, however addicted you are to it I am able to deliver you from it. Throw yourself at my mercy and let me deliver you. Remember, you must choose to be delivered, you must be ready for it in your heart otherwise you will return to wallow in that sin like a dog returns to its own vomit. I am not a liar I am able to deliver you, my blood is able to cleanse you completely and my love is able to cover you. Today you must choose whether you want to remain in sin or you want to be delivered. Choose life that you may live for death dodges your heels, like a snake it is waiting patiently to deliver its deadly poison, one that will kill you and seal your soul in hell for all eternity. This is not a feel good message this is truth and facts, this is an eye-opener, this is an indication of the times. No one lives forever on this earth; settle your soul once and for all. I love you.

Jesus, Amen.