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Jeremiah 4:19-21, Ezekiel 33:1-6, Joel 2:1, Amos 2:6, Zephaniah 1:15-16, Matthew 24:31, Revelation 8-11.

The end is here!

The trumpets have sounded a warning for months on end. The heavens are filled with their piercing sounds. The blast can be heard throughout the universe yet the inhabitants of earth are deaf to its warning sounds. Amazing, the whole universe can hear the trumpet’s warning blast but the people they are meant for are completely deaf. A majority of the world population with the exception of my watchmen and those cleaving close to me are unaware that a critical point has been overstepped. Most people are going about their business as if these are just normal days. My children, the days of the normal are over, you have stepped into the era of the supernatural, the abnormal, the new normal. You may not see it manifested in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm a critical point has been reached and breached. There is no going back; those who are unprepared will be caught totally off guard. They will be in utter shock the day the earth changes irreversibly. There is now no going back to the good old days, everything from now on will be unprecedented, people will forget what normal is, you will step into a place that is unfamiliar, uncomfortable, a place and time in history that man will never get accustomed to, even the prideful and obstinate will shake their head in unbelief at the sudden irreversible changes that will take place upon the earth. Even the wicked elite who have planned the destruction of millions of souls will be in shock as they realize that they have been living in a virtual reality of their own making. They will realize at long last that they are not in control of anything but instead they have been pawns in a game of cosmic chess, a game they will lose. They will realize in utter shock that there is no kingdom to be had, no crown to be claimed, no office to occupy. Their grandiose dreams of superlative power were just that, dreams, dreams that will turn into eternal nightmares. They will watch as their wealth goes up in smoke, all their wealth, they will watch as the earth is totally consumed with every form of natural disaster, planned and unplanned, the earth will be so entirely consumed that it will never recover without me recreating it again. The emerald blue planet full of beautiful vegetation and very few people, a world that the elite desire will never be realized, for once the fallen ones come down to occupy the earth it will be ravished as it was in the days of Noah. The earth will be soaked in so much blood that it will refuse to yield any good thing. The earth will rebel violently and none but I shall have control over it. The earth is my precious element and I hear its cries I will cleanse it once and for all and it will find rest once again, for during my millennial reign it will be partially restored until the coming of the new earth and the new heaven when it will be made perfect once again. It is time; prepare to step into a future from which there will be no remedy until Shiloh returns.