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Genesis 7, 8, Genesis 19:1-29, Exodus 8:22-23, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Revelation 16.

The Great Tribulation

The clock ticks, time moves on never stopping for anyone, seasons change. Times of peace come and go, times of conflict come and go, people are born and people die, tragic events take place and for a while they occupy your mind but even those times come and go and events however tragic eventually fade away from memory and are only found in the pages of a book. This is the way it has been from the beginning of time. The flood came and it devastated the entire earth but the memory of it soon faded and all that was left behind is a written record and evidence of its occurrence in nature. Fire fell from the heavens and Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the lower plains were destroyed. The memory of these events soon faded from the minds of men and into the annals of history. Other examples include the rise and fall of mighty kingdoms which once seemed invincible, the destruction of places like Pompeii, the sinking of great ships like the Titanic. These events were major tragedies in the time they occurred but however tragic they were they all soon faded away, penned on paper as a reminder of what would have been surely forgotten without a written record. Well, greater tragedies are yet to take place for in these last days of the end of this age great catastrophes will take place like have never before been witnessed. They will occur in rapid succession such that before the people recover from one, another will occur. Since the time of the Great Tribulation was shortened to a span of 7 years, the memories of these great catastrophes will not be forgotten before the end of this age. Man’s senses will be bombarded by one catastrophe after another that the hearts of those who do not belong to me will be in continual terror. People will age rapidly and die prematurely simply because they will be overtaken by the constant dread they will experience. Many will die by sword, both in and out of the enemy’s camp including my own children many of whom will be persecuted and put to death. Death will become as commonplace as it is on video games only this will not be something that will be under the control of man. Evil will foment and overflow into every part of the earth. Satan’s lust for the blood of men will lead to the death of millions upon millions. The earth will no longer even look like a shadowy reflection of itself for the land will be desolate, the seas will be filled with death, the waters will be bitter and the sky will be covered with a choking haze. Evil will be palpable in the very air that you breath. Yes the time for the beginning, continuation and completion of my Father’s wrath is at hand and how terrible His judgments will be. The rebellious marked ones will grit their teeth in the agony of deep pain. They will curl up into the fetal position in an attempt to overcome their pain but to no avail. The pain and suffering that will be inflicted upon the marked ones will be unprecedented. They will wish for death but death will flee from them until their punishment is made complete. What a time of great horror, yet at the same time my remnant, those who will be hidden in me will flourish in their callings for they will be the ones who will minister to those from the world and from the rebellious church who reject the mark of the beast. Like in the days of the plagues of Egypt when there was a distinction between Goshen and the rest of Egypt so it shall be again at the end of this age. Children the trials you are going through now are in preparation for the coming days of gross darkness and no it is not afar off, these days are here at the door. Wake up from your slumber Oh my cubs for a trap has been set to capture you and it is about to spring shut. I warn all including the unsaved but only my remnant hear my voice. I am calling to you once again, will you hear me or will you ignore my voice? Darkness is here and my Father’s wrath follows shortly after. Beware.

Jesus, Selah.