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Exodus 9:23-25, 1 Kings 19:11, Psalm 83:15, Jeremiah 23:19, Jonah 1:4, Nahum 1:3.

The Phantom Storm

Storm clouds are on the horizon, ominous dark clouds moving slowly covering the entire sky. There is a stillness in the air that is at odds with the rapidly darkening sky. Even those who were relaxed at first are now anxious not because of the clouds but because of the eerie stillness in the atmosphere. Everyone is on edge, something is wrong the air is too still when it should be thundering and storming. People scramble to get all their valuables indoors to safety. No one is aimlessly walking down the street, most people are huddling on their porches afraid yet curious. A few neighbors huddle together discussing the strange weather phenomenon unable to explain it, unable to understand it. Then suddenly the land is lit up by a blindingly bright lightning strike, the lightning is eerily bright, turning the rapidly darkening day so bright that it startles all who experience it. Not only is the lightning bolt so sudden and bright but it lingers longer than normal. No one needs any more warning, all scramble indoors and as soon as they get indoors then the sudden clap of thunder follows the lightning strike. The thunder is so loud that it shutters some windows and knocks down anything flimsy that is outdoors. The earth literally trembles for the thunder seems to have slammed into the earth. People scream in terror never having experienced such violence. Those with medical conditions of the heart are especially affected, a few suffer heart attacks instantly and die while others have rapid heart palpitations and others fall into a dead faint. Babies and children are crying hysterically, others who were too close to the thunder temporarily lose their hearing. Furthermore between the earth tremor and the loud thunder peoples bodies tremble and resonate with the sound of the thunder, they shake uncontrollably and become weak at the knees. Families stare at each other in utter shock yet worse is still to come. Suddenly it begins to rain, not light raindrops but heavily so and on top of that hailstones begin raining down heavily, no little hailstones but ones so big they can fit into a man’s palm. With the hail comes more lightning and thunder. The hail crashes into the houses, windows crack and flimsy rooftops give way to the ferocious attack. It is raining so hard, the elements are so loud that people cannot hear each other in their houses. Furthermore, the ferocious storm knocks out power and suddenly everyone is plunged into darkness. Families huddle together trying to make sense of what is going on. There was no warning of such a storm in the news, it is as if the storm came out of nowhere, unseen, a phantom storm that is not quite phantom after all for its effects are evident everywhere . It thunders and roars continuously for three days never letting up. For three days people are huddled in their homes in terror and confusion. Such a thing had never been experienced before. Furthermore homes in low lying areas become flooded, flimsy roads are washed away and a flood originating from the nearby mountains flows into town sweeping away every flimsy structure. At the end of the three days the sun comes out, the waters are still high and those who venture out are in shock. More than half the town has disappeared, many families have died and there is damage to everything left behind. The roads are nonexistent filled with whole trees and rocks from the mountains. Only one third of the residents of the town survive. This is a scene from a soon to occur disaster in the United States of America. When it comes to pass realize that I the Lord Jesus have spoken.