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Jeremiah 18:1-4, 2 Timothy 2:20-21, James 4.

The Potter

Children what motivates you to do the things that you do? You need to understand your motivation because if your motivation is wrong then it doesn’t matter what you are doing, you will not receive a reward from me. If what motivates you is to acquire self glory and the praise of men then you have already received your reward. I want your heart to be motivated by humility, seeking the good of others and seeking to glorify me only. These are the efforts that I bless. When your heart is motivated for the right reasons then you in essence are sowing good seed and from this you will receive a great harvest of goodness and blessings from me. Children, some of you are looking to enter into different ministries in the church: the music ministry, children’s church, youth ministries, ministries of help or whatever ministry you wish to enter, you need to ask yourself what is your motive? What drives you? Is it self ambition, pride, selfishness, personal glorification or to bask in the praises of men? If these are the reasons why you want to venture into ministry then you have already failed. Step back, repent, come to me let me create in you a new heart and restore in you a right spirit that your motives may be humility, righteousness and love. Come to me, do not be ashamed for I see and know who and what you are. Therefore, repent and let me perform a cleansing and refreshing in you. How fast you go through the transformation from desiring to fulfill your fleshly desires and earnestly seeking to please me depends entirely on you. Some are ready to change immediately while others are stubborn and so full of pride and self it takes a long time for them to surrender their flesh and be clothed in my Spirit. Unfortunately for them they will remain in a state of unfulfillment until they surrender to my Holy Spirit for I cannot use a vessel that is unyielding and full of pride and selfishness. I will work through those who are willing to change even though they are still full of the flesh but those who are unyielding, whose hearts are like a stone, unwilling to change even the slightest, these I will have to break down. They are the clay that I must pound with my fist until they become pliable then I will mould them into a vessel of honor. Of course after I mould them into the shape that I want I will cut off excess clay using a sharp knife then I will pattern them according to my will and finally when I am satisfied that they are as I wish for them to be I will place them in a kiln, a hot burning oven, to bake and harden. Yes, the kiln will be hot, the trials hard and painful but in the end I will have a piece of pottery of unique beauty and with the right capacity to hold the anointing that I desire to pour into it, then my child you will be ready, it will no longer be about you, you will always remember to love with a pure heart, to minister with humility and to glorify me and me alone. This is the path that you must take to become a vessel of honor.

Jesus, Amen.