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Job 1:12, Malachi 3:2-4, Matthew 7:15-23, Matthew 24:24, Luke 22:31, 1 Peter 4:17, 2 Peter 2,

The refining fire

My child the hard times have barely began and you are already squirming in your seat. The church today has no idea the hardship the early church went through in their effort to spread my gospel. They were persecuted severely by the status quo of their day. They were beaten, jailed, raped, tortured and killed and no justice was found for them in the land. They were treated like second rate citizens and many became slaves, yet through it all my true remnant never recanted, they stood by their testimony of me even at the threat of death. Well, as it was in the early church so it shall be and much more so in the end time church. Persecution is coming to my house, a persecution that will be a dividing line separating my faithful ones from those married to the flesh. The flesh peddlers and the worshippers of flesh in my house will not give up their wicked ways for righteousness’ sake. For years they have hidden their true intentions under a cloak of pretense, they have practiced religion and have not sought a relationship with me. When fire comes into my house it will refine the gold and burn down the cardboard houses until there is nothing left behind to indicate that they were ever in my house. Indeed the end of these deceivers will be far worse for they were close enough to my grace yet they would not give up their fleshly ways. Instead of being the salt of the earth they will be so taken over by evil that they will become a corruption upon the earth. This is a warning to the pretenders in my house I am coming as a fiery flame to cleanse my house and those who pretend to be mine but are not will be burned. Repent now before my flame consumes you, examine your hearts and repent because there is coming a time when men will be so taken over by evil that they will be unable to repent. Yes I am coming to my house, like a wind I will blow away the chaff, like a fire I will burn all that is not sure. I have pruning shears in my hand and I will cut off all the unproductive parts that are on my tree. I will cut them off and gather them together to be burned in a huge fiery blaze. Yes the refining fire comes. Before I turn my attention to judging the world I will first of all cleanse my own house for what great general is there who did not first have control of his own house. My house will be cleansed and made blameless before I turn my attention to the world. I will prepare my house for the influx of refugees who will run to me. Yes they will be a people seeking answers for the evil surrounding them, seeking a place of refuge from the continuous onslaught from the enemy. You will be prepared to give them an answer for I will have cleansed and prepared you first before I send my little lambs into your midst. When they come to you, because you are prepared you will be able to care for them for my sake. Repent Oh deceived ones for I cannot use a vessel full of the flesh to minister to those coming out of the flesh. Indeed during this time the first will be last and the last will be first. I am coming children I am near; some of you can feel the heat of the rising flame already for your adversary Satan will not let up on you until the day you leave this earth in death or in the coming rapture. Do not be dismayed my beloved for the flame I send to you will increase and become more intense as I allow Satan to sift you like wheat. He will tempt you and try you thoroughly even as he assaulted Job and like Job my beloved ones will stand firm on faith and will not give into temptation. I am with you, the fire is here, it begins.

Jesus, Amen.