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Psalm 34:17-18, Psalm 143:7-12, Psalm 144:1, Matthew 24:13, Ephesians 6:10-18, Timothy 2:3-4.

The remnant army

The season has already changed, did anyone notice? There is much turmoil in the spiritual world as battles are fought over the souls of men. It is manifesting in the physical world, my children are feeling the pressure of the battle not only affecting their lives but also affecting the lives of their own children. This is a call to soaking prayer, pray fervently over yourself and over your children for Satan has set up traps to snare your children. Do not give him any room to maneuver in the lives of your children. The children of this end time generation are going to witness great horrors; they are the generation that is suffering much abuse physically and emotionally. Many have already written them off as a lost cause. I am God; I say no, I will have a mighty harvest among the young. Though they have been set up to fail over and over again yet I see their hearts. They are crying out for relief, for peace, for love, real love not the kind that the world dishes out. In the middle of the tormenting pain that they will suffer I will reach out to them and lift them up out of their prisons of torture. I will have a company of prophets from among them, yes indeed from them shall come the Elijahs and Elishas of this generation. Leaders, great leaders will rise from them in the order of Moses and among those who have been forsaken great men shall arise in the order of Daniel for these children will see so much evil that it will push some of them to seek me urgently. Their souls will be crying out for relief from the darkening world they are living in. Their souls that are already troubled will be turned to search for peace and truth and they will find both, they will find love and strength to overcome their enemy. Yes indeed Satan and the evil elite have manipulated the children and youth for so long they have already written them off as their conquests. They are patting each other on the back congratulating each other on a job well done, to rule over, deceive and control the children and the youth of this generation. They view them as the ones they will use to enforce their wicked plans and a large number will do so for they have and will be fully deceived into accepting the mark of the beast and with that mark they will form an army that will be totally obedient to the beast. However, there is a remnant that though they will suffer much will not bow down their knees to the beast. Their eyes will see him for who he really is and they will reject him even unto death. These will form a powerful army for me and at long last they will discover their purpose in life, to glorify me even unto death. Yes, I will rescue their souls, I will open up my arms to them and I will welcome them home. They were written off as the sheeple, the brainwashed generation but they will awaken and they will wreak much havoc in the enemy’s camp for they will overcome him by my blood, the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. No amount of torture will make them change their mind for they will truly surrender to me offering up their lives to me and only me. Arise my remnant army, arise you have much land to occupy, much to overcome and you will overcome. Arise!

Jesus, Amen.