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Matthew 25, 1 Corinthians 15:52-53, 2 Timothy 4:1-8, Hebrews 12:1-8.

The return of the One

My bride tires of this world; she grows wearier each passing day. As the world further deteriorates in every way, her soul longs for her home. You see, my bride was not created for darkness, her spirit flees from it, she knows she is a child of the light and darkness is unlike her. She mourns as she watches darkness overtake the land, she mourns for the unsaved, the weak, the unrepentant, for she is acutely aware of their final destination. My cubs on the other hand are blissfully unaware of the times in which they live; they do not seem to grasp the fact that these are the end times, the time of judgment, the time of my return. The world of course either denies my existence or they do not care about the words of warning that I have shouted from the rooftops. My bride knows I am about to return, she knows it from her heart, her spirit is restless, so done with this world is she that when I return for her her restless soul will fly into the air to meet me in the clouds. There will be no denying her, no holding her back, she will see me and in the blink of an eye she will be transformed and we will be together in the clouds of heaven and from there journey on to the banquet that I have prepared for her in my Father’s house. Children before this glorious event there will be judgment to awaken the ones who have fallen asleep. Those who will hear and respond to the call will be saved, those who refuse to recant their testimony of faith will be saved, those who will choose to die for their faith rather than to deny the blood that was shed for them on Calvary’s cross will be saved. The price you will pay to keep your testimony will be high but to those who stand firm to the end a crown of righteousness awaits you in my Father’s house. I am a King, the King of kings and Lord of lords and do not kings wear crowns? I have one for you if you remain faithful even to the shedding of blood, even unto death itself. For have I not said it before? What is death but passage from life to eternal life? Death cannot take that which has been made alive forever more. In death you have victory, in death you have freedom, in death comes eternal life for my beloved. I am the Almighty One and to my children I have given the keys to eternal life. You must live this life to the fullest and complete it, for you will only come this way once and after death there are only two destinations, make sure you are on the path that leads to eternal life. My bride, I return quickly remain steadfast, keep your lamps burning brightly and carry extra oil with you for I return at a time and hour that no man knows and he who says they know the very day of my return is a liar and the truth is not in him, believe him not. I will return when they are still giving and taking in marriage. A day so ordinary that my arrival will send shockwaves throughout the spirit world, for though the angels and saints in heaven have everything prepared even they do not know the exact date of my return. Therefore if one comes to you saying he is returned or he returns on such and such a day do not believe him for this has been hidden from you and will not be revealed until the day it happens. All will be caught unawares including my bride for though she knows of my return the date will not be revealed to her either. Nevertheless I return and eyes will bulge in shock, knees will turn to jelly, many will be sick to their stomach as they realize that I have returned and they are not ready. The day is coming, prepare for it, prepare well. I wish you all to be well and in good health. The end is here.

Jesus, Amen.