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Matthew 6:12-15, Matthew 18:21-35, Mark 11:25, Ephesians 4:26-27.

The sin of unforgiveness

Children, let us talk about forgiveness. When you are deeply hurt especially by someone you love many of you hold on to the hurt and let bitterness enter into your heart. You do not forgive the person who hurt you and you build a fence around you, an emotional fence to block out the individual who hurt you. Some say they have forgiven the one who hurt them but every time they see that person anger boils up in them and all the bitterness wells up in them and they are once again reminded of the pain they suffered. Children, it is time to get off the emotional rollercoaster, it is time to forgive from the heart and to uproot bitterness from your heart. Living in unforgiveness is not a joke, do you know how many people have died and gone to hell because they refused to forgive those who hurt them? Too many, and it is time for this to stop. Unforgiveness is a sin that eats up your soul and in the end can and will cost you your soul if you refuse to repent of it and forgive the one who hurt you. It is for this reason that I have made it so clear in my word that I will not forgive your sins if you do not forgive those who sin against you. I was not joking when I said this; if you do not forgive others their sins I will not forgive your sin and if your sin remains at the time of your death you will not enter into heaven for none who bears any sin is allowed into heaven. When the sins of the whole world were placed upon me my own Father hid his face from me and I hung alone on that cross covered in every form of filth that man has ever and will ever experience. The weight of the sins of the world is what killed me, literally suffocated me. I bore it for as long as I could but in the end the burden was too great and I gave up the ghost as it were. I released my spirit into my Father’s hand and I bowed my head and died heavily weighed down by the sins of the world. I was not a sinner but I bore your sins so that you will never have to bear them. All I ask is that you repent and let me take away your burdens. I have already spilled my blood for the remission of sin; I will never again bear the sins of the world. I did it once for all time but I am here to take away your burdens. By the power of my blood you are released from the heavy weight of sin. Now it is up to you to remain free from sin. Children, I am not in heaven bearing your sins, no, I did that once for all time at Calvary. The only thing that weighs on my heart is sadness at seeing how many are being destroyed and dying in sin. I find no pleasure in the death of a sinner for he or she is lost to me forever. The sins of the world bring much sadness to my heart especially since I bore them all that none who believe, trust and call on my name needs to bear them. Cast all your cares upon me for I care for you. Forgive that you may be forgiven for unforgiveness is the heaviest sin that one can bear, nothing weighs more. Come, repent and release yourself from the prison of unforgiveness. I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.