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Psalm 34:19, Proverbs 24:10, Isaiah 43:2, Romans 5: 3-4, Romans 8:28, 2 Corinthians 4:7-9, 2 Corinthians 4:17, Philippians 4:13, James 1:2-4.

The time for preparation

My strength is in my word. I am the word; I and my word are one. Children, in these times of weariness, great weariness, you need to be empowered by my word. Read it, find out the promises that I have made to you in it. I am God, I change not and what I have said in my word I will bring to completion, not one word will fail. You need this now children; you need strength now for Satan’s all out attack on you is draining you of strength and he knows and sees it. He is relentless; his plan is to wear out my children with one battle after another. Children I am still on my throne and this assault has not caught me by surprise. I am allowing it that you may be strengthened, for many of you do not know how to battle in the Spirit. This is the training ground and I am pleased with the results. My children are coming before my throne in droves, they are crying out to me day and night. Yes at first it is for relief from the attack of the enemy but in time they are learning to trust me, they calm down, they realize it is not the end and that I am with them. This is my doing children, I am allowing the enemy to attack you to move you from your places of comfort and complacency to a place of deep reflection and prayer. You are learning that no matter what he throws at you, however serious it is, I am with you through it and I will not allow it to take you out. Many of you are in battles that you once feared and the fact that you have made it this far or all the way through is a testament of my faithfulness. You have discovered in shock that your strength is little but my strength is limitless. The ones who were once proud in their strength now realize that apart from me they are weak, they realize at long last that I am the center of their life and apart from me there is no life, no peace, no rest. Yes, blinded eyes have been opened and the once proud have been humbled. As my children learn to cleave to me I strengthen them, in time you will realize with me on your side you can face anything. This is in preparation for the coming persecution upon my church. This is the time of the stripping of the facade of bravado that so many of you have, for a fearful time is coming upon the earth and I will not have my children overtaken by evil. This is a time of preparation, of strengthening, of maturing. This is the time to have your priorities in order to understand that material things are secondary to the condition and position of your soul. Those who were tightly embracing their idols are learning to let go for I have been patient with you long enough, it is now time for you to choose, it is either going to be me or your idols, you cannot have both. Children I am pruning you, I am stripping off everything in you that is unlike me, with shears I am pruning you, with fire I am burning off the dross, with sword I am severing toxic relationships in your life. I am preparing an army, one like the world has never seen, an army that is entirely sold out to me, one that is mighty to withstand the enemy’s schemes. There will not be a let up for I do not wish for you to return to your complacent ways. You are moving forward, advancing in rank, not going back to the old ways. Through persecution I am forcing you forward and this truly is nothing my children compared to what you are about to face sooner than you think. There is coming a time to make the hard choices, deny the faith or die for these will be the only choices you will have. Therefore my children stop squirming under my hands, calm down and complete this training camp. Remember, I will not allow you to be overcome; I will not put more on you than you can bear therefore whatever it is that you are going through now you are well able to bear it. I am with you, the ever faithful word.

Jesus, Amen.