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Psalm 66:10-12, Proverbs 25:4, Isaiah 48:10, Zechariah 13:9, Malachi 3:2-3, Romans 5:3-4, Hebrews 12:29.

The time of refinement

The world is still asleep, still self absorbed, so blind, so deaf, so sad. No matter how loud I blow the warning trumpets, the world and the church is still asleep, fast asleep. My messengers are shouting from the top of their lungs, they see what is coming but the church and the world is oblivious to their cries. Truly a great shockwave will travel throughout the entire world when my fiery judgments fall. There will be panic and confusion in the streets, people will literally lose their minds as their cozy little lives are turned upside down. This is the day when the strength of a man will be measured and known. Children it is for this reason that much trouble has come your way. I have allowed this in order to prepare you for the coming judgments. I am equipping you now, strengthening you now, showing you that apart from me you are weak and wretched. I am breaking you now and then mending you over so that on the day when you have to make a choice to follow me or to deny me you will have the strength to stand for me no matter the consequences. Surely that day is coming, that day is here. I have broken you, I have healed you, I have put you back together, made you solid so that when great pressure comes upon you on the day of one of the greatest decisions you will ever make you will not fall apart, you will not break apart, you will not shatter into a thousand pieces, you will stand strong, resolute and with one mind reject evil and choose righteousness. Though you squirm and wiggle I will hold you to the fire that you may be refined as silver and as gold for I intend to make you into a vessel of honor. Persevere now, trust me now, if I have called you to walk through the fires of affliction then I am able to see you through and bring you out stronger than ever. Cling to me children, like the woman with the issue of blood you must come to the end of yourself, lose hope in all things of this world and be parted from the earthly substances that you have made into gods. It is then that you will run desperately into my arms, when you have been stripped of pride, greed, self, ego then you will see me and run to me and cling to me. You are learning this now, learn this lesson well, it will come in handy shortly and when I say shortly that is exactly what I mean. I am with you my children, I have not abandoned you. Many have begun to doubt that I am with them; they are beginning to panic because they feel like they are all alone in the middle of great trouble. This is not so my children, I am here right beside you, look for me and you will find me. Get your eyes off the distractions that are on the earth and see me only. You are not alone, I am with you and you are not the only one facing challenges. All my children are fighting a battle that they must win. I am preparing you for the time of great trial that is coming upon the earth for you must stand true and then I will return for my bride and I wish for all my children to make the rapture, unfortunately not all will be ready. Therefore be warned right now that the time of my return is at hand. Be ready.

Jesus, Amen.