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Isaiah 5:14, Psalm 104, Luke 16:19-31, Romans 6:23.

The wages of sin is death and hell

I walked among the fiery coals. It is I who gives life. I am fire I destroy and I am fire I create life. I am the builder of worlds, the one who painted the sky with billions of stars. I have stretched the heavens beyond the scope of your eyes and placed a boundary between the physical and spiritual world. I am God and above me there is no other. I created matter, I created energy. Ask me what you will for there is no knowledge apart from that which comes from my mouth. Creation is still ringing with the sound of my voice. Yes my voice resonates in the heavens to this very day for nothing is created from nothing unless I call it forth. I reveal my mysteries to whom I desire. The winds know their place, the suns know their place. I am the one who pours forth the dew from heaven and breaks up the fountains beneath your feet. When nothing created existed I Am and when I destroy what needs to be destroyed I Am. I am time, apart from me there is no time, no space, no structure. Who dares to challenge me for my place in the heavens? What is it that you have created out of nothing? What have you called forth without using my substances and elements? Who is like me? You can mix your portions and splice the genetic material of that which I have created and create something else but without the materials that I have provided nothing can be created. I see you Oh man in your laboratories experimenting with the elements of life, creating one abomination after another. You have defiled my creation. You have created plants that do not produce seeds, foods that are toxic to the human body. You have deliberately created diseases and withheld the cure of the same from the general population. You profit from spreading death and disease. Your greed has reached an obscene level where a man is willing to sacrifice his own flesh and blood for the sake of gain and profit. Your selfishness has broken through to the point where what was once considered taboo is now acceptable, adults defiling children including infants and toddlers for their own sexual pleasure. Furthermore, you are no longer satisfied with the food I gave you, you have allowed demons to inhabit your bodies and now you desire human flesh for food instead of the meat that I sanctified for your sake. Oh man your abominations know no bounds and you grow more and more corrupt each day. When will it become too much? When will you be satisfied with depravity? When is enough enough? Did you think you could align yourself with demons and still remain sane and undefiled? Do you think I created hell as a place to be enjoyed? No, hell is exactly what the name denotes, it is a place of darkness, unending fire, liquid fire, toxic fumes and inhabited by every manner of vile spirits. Your very worst nightmares cannot conjure up the evil that dwells there. It is a place of torture and pain, of flowing blood and torn flesh, a place that does not have an ounce of fresh air or one drop of water. The sun does not shine there and the darkness that dwells there is a suffocating darkness. A place of constant fighting, vileness and degeneration. There is no peace, no love, no joy, no companionship or friendship in hell. It is a place filled with loneliness even though millions of souls reside there. There is not even a moment of silence, the air is filled with the tortured screams of the living dead, yes these souls are alive yet they experience death over and over again not a death that brings momentary relief but one that is lived for all eternity. Oh man this is the reality of hell. Do you still wish to go there? Selah.