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Matthew 7:15-20, Matthew 23:1-29, Acts 20:29-30, 2 Timothy 4:3-4, 2 Peter 2, 1 John 4:1-3.

The whoring church

My bride I am a shield around you, though the enemy’s attacks intensify he cannot do more than I will allow. You are my Jobs, my righteous ones, the ones in whom my soul delights. Though he takes everything from you, remain in me. Do not exchange your wedding garments for the garments of a whore. Your wages are divine do not give them up for the wages of the flesh. You are my pure bride, my whoring cubs are without. I study them intently and I am following after them that perhaps they may come back to me before I return for you my bride for I love you both, the faithful one and the prodigal. Pray for your whoring sister my bride my beloved that she may return to the fold. I delight greatly in you my love. In your arms I find rest for my weary soul for indeed my soul is wearied by the weight of sin that is so heavy upon the earth. My heart sorrows when I see how many are walking in the broad path that leads to death. They delight in it, so arrogant so ignorant unconcerned about the condition of their souls. Their end is a horror that I do not wish on any of them. I am here with open arms; I am here ready to embrace all who come to me. My bride I have a request of you, pray for the lost especially those within your family and community for I desire that none perish but the corrupter is out in heavy numbers pulling in as many as he can because he is acutely aware of the lateness of the hour but my cubs and the world are totally oblivious to the times they are in. This is the ringing of the final bell, the sounding of the final trumpet, is anyone listening or are all deaf? The eyes of the world are blind and so are the unfaithful church, a church filled with the flesh, a church that caters only to the flesh, they are so far gone they would not recognize me if I was to appear among them. The shepherds are blind and greedy, the wolves have multiplied among the flock, the snares and traps of the soul are plentiful in my own house. What a complete travesty, what a shame. The ones who were first shall be last for they came into my house first and at first they loved me completely and then they became comfortable, complacent in my house. They stopped worshipping in Spirit and in truth, their hearts were no longer mine, instead they harkened to the voice of the flesh, of the world and of the corrupt shepherds who preach from the flesh instead of the Spirit. They sound no different than the wolves on Wall Street pushing and peddling the flesh rather than catering to the spiritual needs of the people. The result is that greed and immorality and gross sin have increased in my house. My people have grown dull of hearing, addicted to the pleasures of the flesh. Though I call them to repentance they ignore me in fact some have become experts at tuning out my voice. For them the most important things in life are the acquisition of more and more wealth, climbing to the top of the corporate ladder at whatever cost and indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh without boundaries or restrictions. I no longer recognize my church. When I look down from heaven I cannot distinguish them from the world. They are cubs gone amok in the pleasures of the seductive flesh, giving in without resistance of any kind. My heart is heavy within me for I must chastise her severely that her eyes may be opened and she may return to me. My bride, my love, I see you; you are the light that shines brightest in the current darkness. Hold on to me, do not give in to temptation, do not recant, do not lose your garments or your crown. Pray earnestly for your whoring sister for I return soon. I love you and to you I have given much power and authority for you will begin to walk in my supernatural power more earnestly. Remain faithful always even as I am faithful to you only. I love you my precious beloved one. Your ever adoring lover of your soul.

Jesus, Amen.