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Psalm 91, Isaiah 40:31, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Revelation 21:4.

To my beloved one

Arise! Arise! My beloved I have not abandoned you neither have I forgotten you. Though the enemy of your soul tries to steal your life I will not allow it, your life is in my hands, your time is in my hands. Who can remove you from my presence? My child walk in obedience to my will, walk though you feel faint for I am your strength, I will visit you in your weakness and grant you my grace for my grace is sufficient to see you through the day. No matter what happens to you my child, as long as you are walking in my footsteps your life cannot be stolen from you. You will live your life to the very end just as I have planned it. Disaster may strike but nothing will touch you or yours unless I allow it. You must learn to trust me during these days of trouble, it is now that your faith is being built up, it is now that you are learning perseverance, it is now that you are learning who I am in your life, that I am everything that you need and everything that you will ever need. I am yours now and always and I am more than enough to see you through. Yes my love I am your sufficiency and nothing can separate you from my love. I love you now and always and I will never stop loving you. I know the trials seem never ending but there is coming an end to all the pain and suffering in the world. It is something to look forward to, a life without sin, sickness, pain, suffering and old age, a life eternal in perpetual peace and love in a place of sure safety where the corruption of sin and death cannot breakthrough or creep in. A place where all are of one mind yet each is an individual with different talents, walking in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, forever abiding in my Father’s house, never abandoned, never forgotten, a place where every desire of your heart is fulfilled for all that is desired there is only always good. Indeed my Father is well pleased to provide for his children, He gives them His abundance in everything. My children, the trials of this world are temporary and not just temporary but completely limited to this realm. Your sins, your troubles, your shame, your secrets will not follow you into my Fathers’ kingdom for those who have repented are forgiven and their sins are forgotten, tossed into the sea of forgetfulness for my Father is well pleased to forget that of which you have repented and He gives you a clean slate to start over. Yes, judgment will take place and all the unrepentant will answer for their sins for I am a God of mercy yes, but I am also obligated to judge the sinner and indeed those who die in their sins will not get away scot free, the fires of a burning hell awaits them but for my children, the ones who have repented and trusted in me for salvation, to them a door is opened into eternal life. Let those who wish to live come to me and let those whose desire is sin receive the reward of the wages of sin, a reward of eternal damnation, for the momentary pleasure they revel in here on earth is drawing them into a place of eternal separation from me and my goodness. I love you my children, walk the path of righteousness and live eternally.

Jesus, Amen.