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Exodus 16:12-15, Exodus 17:6, Numbers 20:7-11, 2 Kings 6:24-30, Jeremiah 19:9, Lamentations 2:20, Ezekiel 5:7-17, Acts 7:55-56, Revelation 12:11.

Warning! Disasters ahead!

The earth opens its mouth wide and swallows the inhabitants of this land, fire spews out of the volcano burning to ash all that is in its path. The waters are vomited onto the land through hurricanes and flooding and when it recedes nothing remains the same. The tornado swells into a deadly vortex leaving the land in shambles. Millions die, immeasurable property is lost. The inhabitants of the land seek shelter on higher ground away from the raging elements of nature. Food becomes scarce, safe drinking water becomes more precious than gold and silver. Suddenly no one has the desire to pursue and acquire wealth and riches. Families and communities are out scavenging for food like rodents. Chaos breaks out as people scramble to survive. In the middle of all this great calamity, evil spreads and gross darkness covers the land. Men murder each other for a morsel of bread and for a sip of water. During this time of great famine men turn into beasts, they turn savage and begin to hunt one another for food. Whereas before they would go out into the wild to hunt for animals to eat, now in the wake of the great disasters they resort to feasting on human flesh, for indeed many of the animals in nature have perished, the land is desolate and the animals that were once plentiful upon the land are now near impossible to find. Men go insane as they lose their humanity; they have truly turned into evil beasts whose only desire is to satisfy its flesh, its hunger. I see you shaking your head in disbelief, am I a liar? Certainly not, look in my word in 2 Kings 6:24-30 did not Samaria turn to cannibalism when the food ran out? In much the same way the food pots of men will be filled with human flesh. I will take care of my own for just as I provided meat, bread and water to Israel while she wondered the desert so in the same way I will provide for my own children, you will eat the bread of angels and be quenched by sweet springs from my vast natural reserve, one that man is barely aware of. My children, there are many advantages to belonging to me for I am the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, I am the one who forms an oasis in the middle of a desolate land, I am the one who sanctified bread and meat to be consumed among you. I will provide. There will be a noticeable distinction between my children and the rebellious ones. Yes, many will fall by sword and by treachery but to them awaits a crown of life, a flood of joy and the oil of gladness. The things that you suffer now are not by your own hand but by the hand of persecution. These things are preparing you for a glorious future in me and you will learn obedience, patience, perseverance and to trust in me. Do not allow your feet to be moved not even for one inch for you shall be saved by my blood and by the word of your testimony. Yes the wretched ones will seek to destabilize you, do not move, for you are as the oaks of Bashan, resolute, immovable. They will seek to torture you into submission, my child you are already submitted to me you shall not submit to any other. Though they torture you or your loved ones before your very eyes remain steadfast for the things you will suffer here are for but a moment and they will all pass away remembered no more as you receive your just reward from my hand. The evil ones get drunk with wickedness, do not fear them for fear breeds misery and I did not call you to misery or terror but to joy and life. They seek to slay you thinking that this is the worst thing that they can do to you. Fools, they do not realize that your last breath here on earth is your first breath in heaven. My children, persevere through pain, suffering, persecution, tribulation and death for on the other side is life eternal for all who remain faithful to the end. I am with you always and just like Stephen you will see heaven opened and I Jesus standing beside my Father ready to welcome you home. I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.