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Matthew 23:34, Acts 7:52, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

Warnings of judgment

I am speaking to you individually children, who is listening to my instructions? I have talked to you personally, my goal is to prepare each and every one of my children for the days that lie ahead but who is taking my warnings seriously? I have withheld my judgment from the world for so long that even my own children in my own house do not believe me when I tell them that judgment is coming. They experience remorse in the moment but after that they push my warnings out of their minds and they go on with their lives as if everything is going to remain the same always. Children study my word, how many times and for how long did I warn my people Israel about judgment and they like you ignored my warnings? I sent my prophets day after day to warn them of impending judgment and what did they do? They shunned my prophets, they ridiculed them, called them insane and persecuted them, they even killed some of them yet not one word of warning fell to the ground, in the fullness of time judgment fell and there was no turning back. Both Israel and Judah fell, many died, others became slaves and their houses and lands were confiscated from them. A majority of those who went into exile died in exile, they never set foot back in their homeland. What the prophets decreed came to pass however incredulous it was it came to pass as spoken. It is the same thing today the same warnings are being given to you, warnings of impending judgment and many do not listen. I understand if the world ignores my warnings after all they have already rejected me therefore they will not listen to anything that I say but the disturbing thing is that a vast majority of those in my own house do not hear me either, they flat out reject my warnings of impending judgment and all they listen to are the messages that please their ears, messages of peace and prosperity. I tell you truly a time is coming when these feel good messages will no longer be heard for instead of peace and prosperity you shall have sorrow and difficulties like you have never known before. Even though you are my children because you did not seek me or cleave to me in the days of peace your world will be turned shockingly upside down and instead of faith you will succumb to fear, dread and panic. Children, now is the time to seek, now is the time to listen to my warnings for I desire that my own may ride out the coming storm in the safety and security of my ark, do not be like the ones of old who rejected Noah’s message and drowned in the flood. I am calling now, who is listening and who will obey?

Jesus, Amen.