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Deuteronomy 8:11-17, Jeremiah 29:12-14, Matthew 5:45, Matthew 6:33, James 4:3.

Abandon your false gods!

There is always meat in my house for my children for I am not destitute. Those who seek me will find me; those who seek words of wisdom from me will find them. I am not withholding any good thing from you, seek me and you will find me. Seek my face and not just the blessings from my hands. I am intimate with those who seek my face for to them I unveil the secrets within my heart. Children, many of you have become commercial whores, you seek me only for gain, you do not seek to know me, to know my heart. You only want what you can get from me in the form of blessings both financial and otherwise. Furthermore the whoremongers and pimps in my house who call themselves my pastors have further encouraged this behavior. They have convinced you that in order to receive a blessing from my hand you must purchase it with money. Where in my word does it say that my blessings are for sale? They are not! My blessings are for all who seek me. There are blessings that are common to all regardless of religion for does not the sun shine on all? Does it not rain on the just and the unjust? Do you not breathe the same air that is available to all? You do. I am a merciful God, in my mercy I hear and answer the desperate cries of those who curse me to my face. I am a blessing to all but to my children there is more, so much more. To you are the blessings of the covenant. Just as the children of Israel lived under the blessings of the old covenant those who believe in the name of my son Jesus live under the blessings of the new covenant. So why do many languish in poverty and want? Because you ask amiss. Your hearts are not knit to mine; you are greedy for money that you may lust upon it for your own gain. You do not want to know me, you do not care to know me you want money for the sake of greed, pride and privilege. Because your hearts are not right I withhold my financial abundance from you for I would rather you languish in poverty and remain in me than for you to be wealthy and lose your soul because of greed and the lust for money and material possessions. Yes I have heard your cries my children but I know your heart, I know that you will forget me when your pockets and bellies are full. Did not the children of Israel do the same? I blessed them with a land flowing with milk and honey and what did they do? They grew fat, content with their material possessions and they forgot me. They reveled in their abundance and when their barns were full they went out seeking other strange pleasures. They sought foreign flesh and found foreign gods, gods that they did not know before. For indeed this was a new generation that entered the land of Canaan for I had rid myself of the old generation that was familiar with the gods of Egypt, they all fell in the desert all except Caleb and Joshua. Therefore I made for myself a new generation that did not know any strange gods but alas that did not stop them from seeking after the false gods. For when their stomachs were full, their houses full of gold and silver and their barns overflowing with grain and their wineskins bursting with new wine their hearts sought other pleasures and they found them. They made for themselves false gods, for with their own hands they fashioned them and erected abominable poles. In their wealth and abundance they forgot me. This was the generation that knew peace, a time when wars had ceased and they used this time of peace to desert me and seek abominations. As it was once so it is now for in the days of abundance before the market crash of 2008 my children were full with abundance, an illusion of abundance but nevertheless an abundance and my own forgot me and went after strange flesh. Even after many lost homes and cars though they came back in my house in tears they only stayed long enough until they realized that I had no intention of indulging their flesh. Yes many lost everything but they never forgot their false gods and to this day many still cling to them. I gave you a period of peace in hopes that you would return to me fully but you still cleave to your false gods therefore I decree a time of war. I will surround my children with despair until they see that their salvation is only found in me. Am I cruel? No I must do this that many souls may be saved instead of being lost to me forever. I have spoken, hear me.

Yahweh, Amen.