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Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Genesis 2:6, Matthew 24:7, Luke 21:11.

Abundant death: A sign of the end of this age

In the beginning there was life, life proceeded out of me, life and only life. Everything was made perfect, all was alive and thriving. The trees gave their fruit in abundance, the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and the animals in the fields brought forth life. All was in harmony, alive and thriving. The air was fresh and pure, the waters crystal clear, the earth was verdant moistened every morning by the morning dew and the underground springs. Yes there was life in abundance, a beauty to behold. That was a time long gone by; now when I look down at the earth from my throne in heaven all I see is death. The seas are heavily polluted that fish are dying by the millions, the lands are bare, the desert has extended its reach and many animals die, the air is a choking stinking mess, a dense fog of all kinds of pollutants. Yes now all I see is death of every species that I created. When I created them I commanded them to multiply and fill the earth and for a season they did but now the fertility rates of all species has been cut down drastically. More are sterile; those that reproduce produce inferior young many of whom do not survive their young years. Man has manipulated the genetics of both animals and plants and produced death instead of life for their abominable creations do not have life in them. The cloned humans and animals are sterile, the genetically modified plants are seedless and if they do have seed these are few, small and they do not regenerate. The fish of the sea are dying in multitudes, the result is drastically reduced numbers of wild caught fish and the ones that are farm raised are tasteless and rubbery. Children there is death everywhere even when new life is born, this cannot compare to what was at the beginning. The earth is dying and all that is in it, pay attention; even your own pets are sickly. There has never been a time in history when so many pets were affected by diseases like cancer. I say once again death is everywhere and in every living thing. The quality of life has rapidly diminished. You say no because you see some living into their 80’s and 90’s but pay attention children many of these who live this long do so under heavy medication. Indeed many would be dead were it not for the medications that they take and the many surgeries they have to endure. A chemically prolonged life is not necessarily a healthy life. In days of old especially at the beginning man lived to be hundreds of years old and even in the days of Abraham men bore children in their old age. This is not so anymore. Why am I pointing out these things? It is to make you aware that times have changed, the change was subtle at first but now it is obvious even to those who are not paying attention. Do not be deceived you are at the end of this age; soon events will begin to move at such a rapid pace it will be impossible for you to keep up for before one devastating event ends another will commence. There will be no rest between these disasters, these times are already here. Before the hurricane season is over, fires flame up to burn large tracts of land followed by rains that cause landslides, next come the snowstorms while in other areas drought and famine rage on unrelentingly. This age is coming to an end are you prepared to face the ever increasing ferocious disasters?