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Genesis 6:11, Exodus 10:21, Ezekiel 32:7-8, Joel 2:31, Matthew 12:40, Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:24, Acts 2:20, Revelations 6:12, Revelation 9:1-11.

Days of darkness and death

A day in the sun, cherish these days my children for a day of darkness comes. A day when the sun will not show its face for I will shield its light from you with my very hand. As in the days of Moses, in the days of the plagues of Egypt darkness comes, a day of deep darkness so deep that you will not be able to see your hand before your very face. It will not just literally be dark but also spiritually. Those who are already blind will not understand the significance and symbolism represented by the darkness of day. Evil will multiply greatly during this time for the works of darkness originate from darkness and the wicked love to practice wickedness under the shroud of darkness. Even as I was enclosed in darkness in the belly of the earth for three days and three nights in the same way you will experience gross darkness upon the earth. A time of great fear and of great fearful manifestations for evil will no longer mask itself but in the darkness of day the very face of evil will be exposed. The army of darkness will roam the earth devouring whomever they can. Remember in the days of Noah evil roamed the earth and much blood was spilled. So it shall be again, evil will roam the earth and wherever the shadow of evil touches there will be great bloodshed for blood shall flow down the street like water, like a river it will find its way downhill. Even those who cringe at the sight of the slightest drop of blood will no longer cringe for bloodshed will become common. My bride’s heart will be broken for she understands that the life is in the blood. Children consider this that this generation has become desensitized to blood and violence, not only this but because of deception those who are unsaved do not fear death, they should, for the death of a sinner leads his soul straight to hell but for my children death does not have a sting for the death of my child is his final victory for after death for my children there is only eternal life and you will never ever have to deal with sin, disease or death. Well, watch out, for the merchants of death will be released upon the earth from portals that arise from hell. They will spew upon the land and with them much corruption. They will wreck havoc upon the earth and bring much suffering and death. The earth itself will be bathed in much human blood and the cries of the innocent will resound loudly before my Father’s throne in heaven. He will not restrain Himself for much longer for He will look down from His heavenly throne and He will consider the corruption that is multiplied daily upon the earth. When the time of fulfillment arrives He will release His mighty power and vanquish all His enemies. Once again the earth will be soaked in blood for this will be a battle between the heavenly beings from my kingdom against the hordes of darkness that will have overtaken the earth. By the time it is all over the whole earth will be dripping with much blood. The earth will be polluted but it will be partially restored until the day the new earth is created. Look, learn and listen.

Jesus, Amen.