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Genesis 5:29-8:19, Luke 19:40, John 9:4, Ephesians 5:15-17.

Listen to the warnings of the coming judgment

Time stops for no man, do not put off for tomorrow what can be done today. My children, you must use your time wisely, you are coming to the end of an era and to the beginning of a new one, one that will send a shockwave throughout the world. It is time to wrap up this time in history and to begin a new age, one in which the wicked are vanquished and the righteous reign forever. Noah warned the people in his day for 120 years, as the years came and went people became apathetic. The judgment took so long to manifest that people stopped listening to the warnings. Noah never stopped warning but the people stopped listening, but in the fullness of time I sent the animals into the ark and I shut them in the ark with the eight people that listened. I placed my seal upon it one that could not be broken for Noah was merciful and he tried to open the door of the ark to let people in but I sealed him in and sealed them out. They screamed and yelled and pawed at the ark like animals but none could get in. In the end they all drowned even the ones who sought refuge at the top of the mountains succumbed to the rising waters. Nothing that had breathe in its nostrils upon the land survived except the ones who were sealed in the ark. Today people scorn and laugh when they learn about this incident in history. They call it a fairy tale yet your very own scientists even those who are agnostic and atheist concur that there was a flood, that it covered the whole earth at one time in history. There is no question about it for I personally recorded it on the fossil records. Though they deny it they know the truth. I not only memorialized the flood in the fossil records but also the existence of the giants. Those who have taken this evidence and hidden it will repay severely unless they repent of their deceptive practices for instead of sharing these discoveries with the world they hide it because they know that their existence is proof of my existence and the last thing they want to do is to prove to people that I AM exists. Try as they may to pronounce me non existent the very rocks themselves cry out as my witnesses for do you not find fossils embedded in rocks and river beds? Nature is blatantly proclaiming my glory and my existence but your scientists are doing everything within their power to ensure that my memory is wiped off the minds of the population. Nevertheless their corruption and deception will not stop me from unleashing my wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth who continue to perpetuate evil and grave wickedness. Nature announces my presence now, it responds to me and when the time comes it will shake violently and displace the wicked from off the face of the earth. In the days of Noah when judgment came some escaped to the highest mountains but the water rose and overwhelmed them. Today the elite have dug bunkers underground to keep them safe from my coming judgment. I will not relent; from them I require recompense and the bunkers they have built for themselves will become their tombs for nature itself will consume them.

Jesus, Selah.