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Exodus 21:23-24, Psalm 127:3, Psalm 139:13-15, Isaiah 5:20, Ezekiel 22:30, Matthew 18:10, Mark 10:13-16, Ephesians 6:4, Hebrews 7:25, James 5:16.

Pray fervently for your children

I am the caretaker of your children, entrust them to me, trust me to keep them. Traps have been set for your children therefore be constantly on your knees for their souls. I will faithfully keep them. I will save them for they are mine. They were mine before they became yours. Cry out to me for their sake for I will hear and answer you. I have seen the atrocities planned for your children and my anger is aroused, my face is flushed in righteous anger. I gave children as gifts to men, a heritage to be cherished and protected but instead destruction and disaster have been orchestrated to take control of them. I see all, I know all, nothing is hidden from me. From birth they are targeted for all forms of destruction. Wickedness rules the land and roams about seeking to devour the little ones. IT IS ENOUGH! You have slaughtered them in the millions. Some did not even glimpse the light of day. I will repay, recompense belongs to me for even as you allowed the blood of the innocent to be spilled in wickedness so shall your blood be spilled Oh wicked ones. It shall be an eye for an eye and life for life. The ones you did not slaughter while in the womb you corrupt with your continued abominations. There is no end to your bloodlust. You have corrupted them through drugs, pornography and a seeking for incessant pleasures and lusts. The children are so confused some truly do not understand the difference between good and evil for you have seared their conscience with all forms of lusts. I see it all. Parents, pray for your children for I will answer your prayers on their behalf. Pray lest they perish. If you do not stand in the gap for them I assure you they will perish for Satan is constantly buffeting them and he gives them not even a moment of rest. Evil and destruction have been planned for them from their birth. I say once again pray, stand in the gap for them. I will save them. Consider my words and do not let your children perish before your very eyes. Desire their salvation more than Satan desires their destruction for truly he is determined to have them. I AM here. I AM great. I AM all powerful and I AM able to save them to the uttermost. Heed my words.

Yours faithfully and forever,