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Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 12:48, Romans 11:29, Hebrews 10:26-31.

Redeem your talents

Children it is time to redeem your talents. Why have a talent that you do not use? I have given talents, gifts and ministries and many of these lie dormant because many choose not to use them. I will require an account from you. I will demand to know what you did with what I gave you. These gifts, talents and ministries are not about you. I gave them to you to be a blessing to others. Children, in my kingdom there is no selfishness, you do not hoard that which I have freely given to you. I have given them to you without repentance, I have no intention of taking them back but you must walk in obedience to further develop these gifts, talents and ministries. It is a growing process; the more faithful you are the deeper you will develop in what I have given you. It will not be easy; in fact a time will come when you will feel like giving up. My word to you is this; remain faithful even when you are in the valley of trouble. Do you think I do not see the difficulties you experience? I do but you need to stop looking for rewards from the world, your reward comes from the giver of the gift and that is me. Children, I cannot stress this enough, remain faithful in what I have called you to do lives depend on it, souls depend on it even when you do not see the fruit of your labor, realize and know that I would not have given you the gifts, talents and ministries, if they were not important. Someone’s life depends on it; someone is going to make a decision for me because you were faithful in what I have called you to do. The world today is extremely attention seeking. My own ministers think that if they are not ministering to a large crowd of people that their ministry is ineffective, they think they have to be like the televangelists who have thousands of followers. They believe that they are not having an impact on the little group I have sent them to serve. They are more concerned with numbers, with quantity rather than quality. My children there are some who run mega churches yet they are false prophets sold out to do evil, their day of judgment is at hand for to whom much is given much is required and the one who perverts the souls of many will likewise receive a double portion of punishment for many of them knew the truth from the beginning but they chose the ways of corruption for gain, money, fame, power and yes they have received these things in this life through deceit but should they fail to repent and turn away from their wickedness they will suffer greatly in the very pits of hell. To them I have allotted a double portion of torture for they knew the truth but they chose evil for the sake of material gain. Remember what my word says, that those who knew me and my glory at the beginning and then chose a path of wickedness and led astray souls that were seeking truth it would have been better if they were not born for their end will be much worse than for those who never knew me at all. Children do not let your hearts be drawn away by material things for these are temporal and only limited to this world but your soul is eternal and at death must go to one of two places, heaven or hell. Choose now, choose wisely, your very soul depends on it.

Jesus, Amen.