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Jeremiah 14:13-14, Matthew 16:26, Ephesians 6:12, Acts 7:54-60, 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

Soul wars

Time does not wait for anyone therefore complete the final things my children for this is all the time that you have to do so. This is not the time to indulge your flesh, this is the time to fortify your spirit for war is on the horizon, the enemies are in formation fully armed, they are on alert waiting for the order to march forth and destroy you. They are well equipped and well trained, they are not amateurs in the art of spiritual warfare. My children I have been too lenient with you and you have wasted this time and used it to be complacent in the world. Despite what the soothsayers proclaim and indeed the false preachers and false prophets in my church are soothsayers, despite their proclamations of peace and prosperity the war will commence as planned for my children have been lulled to sleep by false words and nothing but the shock of a furious spiritual and physical attack will wake them up. Make no mistake this war is a spiritual war for the souls of men but it will manifest into a physical war on the earth. Just as the spiritual warriors are prepared for battle so in much the same way the physical soldiers have been prepared, for the physical mirrors what is taking place in the spiritual world. They are ready, they are thirsty for blood, your blood, they are drunk with blood lust, in a frenzy over the spilling of human blood and indeed it will be a bloodbath. Children, I am describing this as graphically as I can for it will be horrifyingly so. The people of Noah’s days knew this kind of carnage for the earth was soaked in man’s blood and so it shall be once again. I am not telling you this to instill fear into your hearts no; I want you to be prepared in spirit, body and soul and do not despair when the sword comes to your shores for I will be with my own. Yes my own children will be among those who will die for this carnage is primarily aimed at my own. It may not seem so at first but this is the plan of Satan and his agents, to exterminate my children and vanquish my name and the memory of me from the earth. Therefore my children will be targeted and some will be killed. Do not despair did I not love Stephen yet he was the first to be martyred in my name? Those who are slotted for death by persecution will die yet because they die for my name’s sake they will live forevermore in my kingdom and in my Father’s house. Others will be hidden for the world will grow tired of this vicious war and they will come to you seeking answers, seeking peace and these you shall lead to me. For I have called to the inhabitants of the earth over and over again but they are deaf to my voice because their hearts and souls are tied up to the desires of their flesh, they indulge in every pleasure their flesh desires at the cost of their soul but this war will awaken not only my church but those in the world who will eventually come to me. I have prepared you for them I have prepared a place for them I have given you the answers to their questions. They will come to you in droves, they will flock to you and you will prepare them to meet me. Oh my beloved children awake now that you may be prepared for the coming onslaught. Why wallow in the flesh that is but a fleeting, momentary indulgence when you should be primarily concerned with the eternal abode of your soul? Get wisdom, you need much wisdom ask me and I will grant it to you. I am calling now with a loud voice; I am calling out to you. Will you hear? Will you respond? What are you waiting for? Time waits for no man, time marks ages, eras, periods in history and it does not wait for you. Be ready!

Jesus, Amen.