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Psalm 34:18, Matthew 26:28, Romans 6:1-2, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Colossians 1:13-14, Hebrews 12:1-4, Revelation 12:11.

The Blood and grace or the Blood vs. grace?

Children, do not despair, some of you are looking at your lives and wondering if you will ever overcome the sins that so easily beset you. Children if you remain in me you will be renewed. How long it takes to overcome a certain sin in your life is directly related to how much you have submitted yourself to my will and to the leading of the Holy Spirit. In your flesh you are weak but in my Spirit you are made strong. If you insist on giving in to your flesh even and especially after I have warned you over and over again then you will remain in your sin. Yield yourself to my Spirit that you may be strengthened for you are in the greatest fight of your life and you need my help to win this fight. Yes, it is true that I secured your victory on Calvary’s cross but are you walking in victory or in constant defeat? No matter how great the sin is that so easily besets you my blood is able to deliver you from it. You see my children the church has ceased to preach about the redemption that I purchased for you on Calvary’s cross and the power of my shed blood to wash away your sins. All the church preaches now is love and grace. Holiness, righteousness, repentance has been thrown out of the church instead my children are told that it doesn’t matter if you live in constant sin my grace will cover you and cleanse you of your sins. There is no talk of sincere repentance, a turning away from sin, no talk of submitting your members to the leadership of my Spirit, no talk of fasting and praying to overcome the enemy of your soul. No, all that is said is that grace will cover all, sin as much as you like grace will cover it all. Should you live in sin because of grace? Absolutely not! This lack of repentance is the reason why judgment comes to the nations but first to my own house for my fire of judgment will purge my children from all of their sins, they will cry out in pain and repentance and when they do then will I hear from heaven and then will I heal them. Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sin, grace will not save you, you must repent, you must seek forgiveness, you must walk away from your sin, you must pursue holiness without which no man will see my Father’s face. Grace is good, faith is good, love is good but without repentance all is for nought. Repent, draw near to me and I will draw near to you for I am near to those who are of a repentant heart and of a contrite spirit but the prideful and arrogant I am against and these fill my church. Look at yourself, see the truth that fills your soul, see yourself for who you really are. Humble yourself, come to me, repent and make up your mind that you want to change. Children life without the lusts of the flesh is not a boring life; it is a fulfilling life, a confident life. Confident in what? That on the day I return for my bride you will be among them. I seek a repentant church; I seek a church willing to change for the better. I seek a humble church; I seek a church that hungers and thirsts for my presence. Where are you my beloved rose? I am seeking you.

Love, Jesus.