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Ezekiel 18:23, Ezekiel 33:11, Matthew 10:38, Luke 14:27, Romans 8:5-8, Romans 10:14-15, Galatians 5:16-17, Galatians 6:7-8.

The daily war: spirit-vs.-flesh

I have sung a sweet song to you children. Indeed I have shouted, I have screamed and I have sung but all falls on deaf ears. How long must I sound the alarm before I am heard? Children the reason the world does not believe me is because they are of the flesh, steeped in the flesh and therefore in enmity to my Spirit. Their ears are filled with the sounds of the earth and they are focused on satisfying their flesh. But why do you not hear me? If you are indeed mine then you should hear my voice. The warnings will not keep coming indefinitely, one day I will keep silent and let my actions speak louder than my words ever can. If you are not ready when my judgment falls what will you do then? I warn now that you may prepare and that you may tell others to prepare. You are my witnesses that I have warned but how shall I have a witness against the world if no one tells them? Go and tell them I return soon that they may prepare and if not, that what befalls them may not be a total surprise. Would I keep on warning if it were not so serious? Do you seriously believe that I take pleasure in your demise? I do not I am not a God who takes pleasure in the demise of even the most wicked of men. I am love I come to save but who is ready for my salvation? Are you ready? Yes I have warned, yes I have shouted but your ears are filled with the sounds of the flesh for I am not the only one calling out to you. Your flesh calls and calls, daily it calls and calls and many respond not only in the world but also in my house. Children the flesh is death, there is no life in it, it will lead you straight to hell therefore listen to me, listen to my Spirit and deny your flesh. Is it easy? No if it was easy many would overcome it. This is a cross that you must bear daily, a daily constant war between the flesh and the spirit, he who grows strong is the one you feed the most. If you cover yourself in prayer and listen to the voice of my Holy Spirit then you will prevail against the flesh but if you listen to the urging of your flesh and give in to it then know this for sure your end is a fiery pit in hell for no flesh shall glory in my presence. Children if you were not able to overcome the flesh I would tell you so but this is a battle that you can and must win. Start simple, pay attention to the things you listen to and watch, the eyes and ears are the gates into your heart. What you take in through them will be planted in your heart and will come out of you in the end. Protect your ear and eye gates. Also watch the company you keep if you insist on keeping company with those who are corrupt then you will eventually become like one of them. Do not deceive yourself; you are not strong enough to overcome that which is constantly before your face eventually you will give in. Even if at first you reviled it in the end you will rationalize it and give in to it. The change begins subtly and before you know it that which you considered unacceptable will become acceptable to you. T.V. is an excellent example, many people’s perceptions have been changed because of what they watch and listen to. Even those who at one time deemed homosexuality unacceptable now accept it and see nothing wrong with it. The young have been severely damaged by T.V. and social media. They have been indoctrinated to accept all forms of foul behaviors. Children it is up to the parents to teach them otherwise. Warn them loudly that they may not lose their souls. I stand here and testify against this adult generation that it is you who have corrupted your children. Your permissive, submissive, lack luster parenting skills have corrupted your children. I will hold you responsible for allowing your children to become corrupt before your own eyes and in some cases with your approval. Parents do your part and I will do mine for you cannot expect an apple tree to grow if you plant a pear seed. You will reap what you sow therefore sow wisely, sow the word that you may reap life and lead by example. Listen, learn and obey. The times are rapidly growing darker, be alert, be ready.

Jesus, Selah.