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Genesis 7:10-12, Exodus 7-12, Exodus 15:3, Leviticus 10:1-2, Numbers 16:31-33, 2 Kings 9:30-37, Daniel 4:28-33, Daniel 5:6, Acts 12:21-23.

The Man of war returns

The time to once again show the world my power is here. I rocked Egypt with my wonders, they never forgot them and yes they are recorded in stone in Egypt to this day. The day of their discovery is at hand. I shook the earth during the days of Noah, I roared from heaven. The heavens foamed at the mouth and the earth was inundated for 40 days and 40 nights. I have shown my hand of power and majesty before. I have been a terror to the wicked and a shelter to the humble. I have reduced kings to beasts that dwell in the field and caused many to tremble at the knees, ask Belshazzar, he saw my hand of judgment and in the same night he passed on to enter eternity. Indeed I reduced some to worm food and others became meat for street dogs. I am great, I am mighty and I will no longer be ignored. For many years I have been silent and you have mistaken my silence for weakness. Yes indeed I have been silent for a day but to you it has been a thousand years of silence. I have awoken from my place of rest for I allowed you to walk in your own counsel after you vehemently refused my counsel. I look down from my throne and what do I see? A polluted earth, the elements chocked full of poison and a people increasing in wickedness daily. I am taken back to the days of Noah, truly there is nothing new under the sun for we have come back full circle, this wickedness has been here before. I destroyed it by water in the days of Noah, I destroyed it by my gospel in the days of the empire of Rome and I return to destroy it again with war, famine and fire. Oh man when will you learn? Your wisdom is like ashes, you will die in your sins Oh man if you do not repent from your wicked ways. I call to you from on high, my mercy I have extended to you for millennia but still you increase in wickedness. Greed is a god that has gripped the heart of many, so deep, so sickening. Men selling the souls of other men as if they are commodities in the market place. My eyes blaze with anger, who are you to sell the soul of another? Did you create them? No, I did. They belong to me for I am their creator yet you in your greed and arrogance sell them daily, men, women and children treated worse than the pets you keep in your homes. I am against you soul merchants, my anger burns brightly against you and I will send a fire from my altar to burn you to ashes as I did in the days of Moses to Nadab and Abihu. I will open up the caverns beneath your places of trade and I will swallow you and your filthy money and none will ever find you again. Yes you will disappear just like Korah and his friends did in the days of Moses. My judgment is set, my judgment is here. I am against you Oh wicked ones, I return to feed you hot coals from my altar. Oh yes I will force open your mouth and make you swallow a fire that will consume you from the inside out. My children, seek forgiveness for your sins lest you be swept away in this wave of judgment. I am merciful to my own but you must repent to escape my Father’s wrath. I return, the Great Judge returns who will restrain me? Who will persuade me to restrain my wrath? I return, are you ready?

Jesus, the man of war. Amen.